Back by popular demand — awesome (30 photos)

  • mipo2010

    Jailbait isn't jailbait anymore and Amanda Wenk has already had a reduction

  • bob

    nah fuck it… hundreds of millions of hotter chicks out there that I can fuck and then not have to worry about boris following me around the shower room.

  • Big E

    23 – Because we're not pussies

  • equalizermax

    #27 – Find the slut…

  • kevguy

    #9 wtf? not the outfit but the soiled pants

  • MSM

    pic 30 #2 makes me think about it…

  • CalculatedRisk

    #30: The three on the left in a heartbeat…

  • 8vs

    "I am going to file a lawsuit so big, it will make your head spin" — 'Merica!!

  • Skedaddle

    #4- yer doin' it wrong
    Pedobot- hysterical!
    Needs a kegway.
    That sculpture is good enough to eat…..

  • duder

    you guys just steal everything from reddit, huh?

  • petwookiee

    #10: you wouldn't deprive an old man of his walking stick, would you?

  • fzero

    There are only 3 kinds of people who drive a Lexus SC430:

    1) Lame 50 year old guys who think that any convertible is cool, so an overly expensive and slow as balls Lexus convertible must super awesome (if they weren't rich, they would be driving a Miata)
    2) Ugly old fat ass women who think that it is a cute and cool car (if they weren't rich, they would be driving a Miata)
    3) Gay guys (if they weren't rich, they would be driving a Miata)

    Figure it out and unleash hell on my command…

  • HellHath NoFury

    It's beautiful. *tears*

  • HellHath NoFury

    Put KY Jelly on their windshields.

  • llama beans

    #30. For the second one on the left, yes, i'd go to jail over that.

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  • Bob

    #30 for the busty girl, maybe!

    #21 hate fags who can't park, kick their fat ases

  • thetech2

    #27 mommy misses daddy in her life ,maybe I can see how much of this mic I can swallow now seems like a good time to practice deep throating this penis like object I hope they don't mind I think I swallowed the foam oops choir practice is such fun

  • Jay

    What am I missing on #25? I don't get what is funny w/ this pic…

    • JPC

      Obvious photoshop. The circle by her stomach shows how the tiles are all messed up, from reducing the gut.. Breasts definitely seem odd, either because they were made larger, or because without the gut, they just look off. For the backside, look how the shower curtain is misshapen, despite the fact that given where she is standing, there is no way she her ass could be pushing back the curtain.

  • shutupdick


    Buy some, keep them with you.

  • hardcheese1

    #26 id go pound sand

  • Dan

    #11 Happened just down the road from my house! Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Coldzilla

    Facebook pranks = priceless!!!!

  • Jade

    25 – The girl obviously 'shopped herself bigger boobs and butt.

  • Kayla Smith

    @ #21, park right in between them. 😀 And to make it even better, call 2 more friends to park on either side, close enough that they gotta crawl out the passenger door.

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