Nothing like a wedding in a pool (10 Photos)

A happy couple celebrated their nuptials by tying the knot in a swimming pool in Nanjing, China. The two lovebirds wed on 1 August (10), which is celebrated as Chinese Army Day. But the ceremony didn’t come cheap – the pool cost 20,000 RMB ($2,950/£1,965) to rent alone, while the underwater camera, diving coach and site decoration were an extra 50,000 RMB. Love means showing up all your friends.


  • GunnerX


  • x man

    originality ftw

  • googboog

    i guess they (puts on sunglasses) dived right into it… yeeeeeeahhhhhh

    • marcos!

      lol i saw the first 2 posts and was like 'wtf is someone gunna start the play on words?'
      thank you

  • Tom Waits

    I'm big in Japan.

  • Lokobo

    I'm glad they could make living in China suck a little less for a day.

  • Grey

    PUT A SHIRT ON!!!!!

  • @nepster77

    I say this with no disrespect, but man…Asian's are the wierdest group of people I've ever seen.

    • McBeastie

      I'd say that's there is still some disrespect in that statement, even if you said there's not.

    • DaddyD

      And you say this on the Chive where WalMart Shoppers are a regular feature?

  • Special_K

    I'm from China. To tell the truth, this actually is a very civilized and creative wedding ceremony.

    If you want to see a REALLY weird Chinese wedding ceremony, check this out:

  • equalizermax

    I bet everything in the wedding is made in china…

  • ChingchongChina

    It's crazy living in China.

    Nanjing is nice though

  • Chester

    Why does this get HQ?

    • Brand_n

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Coldzilla

    Id ask why but Im guessin the answer would probably be "Why not?"

  • Hannah

    I think this is actually a really fun idea. It's unique and it's not like they were just getting married at the pool, they were actually having a ceremony in the water.

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  • florist

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