The world would be a much cooler place with giants and centaurs (20 Photos)

  • kpsurf

    #18 for the win!!!!

    • vince

      I think I want to Play Rodeo. (see if I can stay mounted for 8 seconds)

  • Chuck

    As for the giant chicks… someone better be building a giant kitchen

    • Cera

      Imagine the giant sandwiches they could make! hell ya!!!

  • Bobba Fett

    I think some of these may have been photoshopped. 😉 Also I like 50 Centar.

  • googboog

    #18, i put my hand over the right portion of the pic and then i put my hand over the left portion of the pic. i keep doing this over and over…

  • Jojo

    Am I the only one who thought "Human Centipede" after looking at 18?

    • jhfdkjsd

      no, i thought that shit looked kinda disturbing too.

  • Wonka

    #18. Would you?

    • bacon

      Yes. Like Crazy.

    • Rick

      Yes 15, and 18 and have a manajitaur

  • Kaiwatha

    #20 was unexpected….

  • Hamlap

    Where's old spice guy?

  • Chet

    Boobs! Boobs on the Chive! Hooray!

  • mipo2010

    I have a couple of pigs in my day but never a minotaur

  • bob

    #20 girl on girl Hintai Porn

  • equalizermax

    #18 – I'll hit her…

  • Nate

    #8: Epic upskirt.

  • Jim Duncan

    Just say NO! to giant vajayjays! 😉

  • Sebastian Holm Nielsen

    What about Keanu?

  • aosux

    #8, now thats a nice corporate view!

  • educated

    The word is MINOTAUR, not menotar, but those are all centaurs anyway.

  • Beau

    So, is #15 actual tits from a chick superimposed onto a horse's body, or is it just art? How did that get past HR? lol

    • terry burke

      just a drawing

      • jhfdkjsd

        it's beutifull though

  • Mark Konior

    Umm NSFW please?

    • HellHath NoFury

      do work son

  • Coldzilla

    How about Giant Centaurs?

  • cpt

    18… i want to go on that ride

  • Atwell

    #18 is the perfect mythical creature, and hell yeah i would

  • Buffalo

    So why is it OK to show nipples on a female Centaur and not on any other post showing ladies???

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