• Its-a me, Mario

    Im sorry, but am I understanding this correctly that the font, the circle and the color stay the same, yet you want something new?

    I wonder what people will make of it 🙂

  • Steven Vargas

    All they want is a new green circle…? why

  • equalizermax

    Only 200 bucks…???

  • eddylanne

    hey there, long time chive fan and designer myself, i spent many work hours not designing and looking at the chive with my bosses.

    with all due respect, the "the" around the C in chive is hideous, let people get creative, i bet many designers would do it for free just to be able to help your logo match your awesome site, myself included.


    • Chivemaster

      I'm also a designer and I agree with you 100%.

      Chive, the "the" in your logo is a cheap text warp. It's unprofessional. And you could do better than Impact as a font choice.

      Don't be cheap, higher a real designer.

      • HellHath NoFury

        Don't be cheap, hire a real English teacher.

  • SweetAwesomeness

    can we make it so the logo has 2 green circles? and instead of them being green circles can we make them boobies? imjussaying…

  • Michał Smyła

    Can we make changes to the size of the circle?

  • Michał Smyła

    Sorry for double-posting, can we change "theCHIVE" just a tad bit for instance by adding some fx, without changing the font and layout of course?

  • Georgios

    $200?!?! You are so cheap!
    For a website with such a traffic and so overloaded with ads, I am sure you can afford a little more. But I guess in that case you'd just go to a professional.

  • HellHath NoFury

    Damn, y'all, beggars can't be Chivers.

  • fasterthanu

    Are crayons allowed?

  • Nico

    This looks like it could be a fun project!

  • Ben

    What is the font????

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