These kids make me want to have kids on purpose (19 Photos)

  • Lisa Martin

    16 made me LOL…ah yes…the pleasures of destroying dolls…lol

  • Bobba Fett

    #11 is sporting headwear I've indulged in once or twice myself.

  • Woot

    Um is #8 safe to hold a kid like that?

    • Cory

      the kid in 8 in is helping to hold themselves up so I am pretty sure that as long as it is not for an extended period of time it should be ok. but generally no it wouldn't be safe because it would cause stress on the neck.

    • Penelope

      The kid obviously pulled himself up,dumb ass.

      But than again…maybe some people just like to sling there children around by there necks. It builds character!


    #17 not good

  • Umm...

    #17 is a bit wrong.

    • Broadbem

      There is absolutely nothing right about it… But it makes me laugh…

    • guz

      Sorry, anything that makes me laugh that hard has to be right!!

    • clay

      So wrong on so many levels….o.0

  • king

    # 18

  • Sebastian Schwaighofer

    #4 looks like baby jason alexander

    • HANK

      Most babies look like baby Jason Alexander JAJAJA

  • {clevernamehere}

    #17– The girl on the left grew up to be the ugly friend that acts like a slut to get attention while the guys hit on her friends instead.

  • vince

    #17….we know who the Alpha Dog in the family is…

  • vince

    #19 is a T-200 (child terminator edition). That's simply where his earphone jack is….

  • chrisdg74

    LOL'ed at 12.
    17 – That's just not right.

  • equalizermax

    #15 – Awesome Parents!

  • I.P. Freely

    #9 Sadly that's probgably their wedding day.

    • I.P. Freely


  • Peter File.

    I like these pics.

  • G

    #18…. Somebody need to yank that kid up & teacher her some respect. Don’t find that assuming

    • Mike Khunt

      Were you the homeless lasy on the right? STOP asking kids for money please.

  • bob

    there are so many things wrong with #17…

  • Catence

    Laughed really hard at #16 and then was completely disturbed by #17.
    A rollercoaster of emotions today on the chive.

  • Erin

    #18 is just not okay…makes me sad.

  • Danny

    Great pictures!

  • JAB

    #17 is a little disturbing…there is nothing right going on this pic….WOW!

    • Jeff Sayatovic

      It never happened.. You didn't see anything. Next page please.

  • Generino

    To be young again. Cute.
    The grey hair coming out on my head betrays the kid

  • ablackguy

    18 fuckin wins, get a job! beggin little schoolkids for money, shame on you granny

  • ludača

    great kids 🙂

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