Monster fish eats a duck caught on tape! (6 photos 1 video)

  • dwa

    not cool

    • Marv

      Seriously. I still ended up watching the video even though I scrolled through half the comments…. Curiosity??? Trolled….

    • turbosmurf

      it was predictable yet funny 🙂

  • Pissed


  • young_juice


  • damon

    got me good

  • kraze eye

    lol u fucker, that got me

  • Eff off

    i hope you assholes burn in hell, when will this shit end

  • Pants

    Well at least I 'm not bored anymore…

  • Ukulelemike

    Thanks! Now I'm in trouble with my wife!

  • Bob

    Now I will never trust you again…

  • Rich

    haven't been scared by one of those in years, bastards

  • equalizermax

    F*#$% YOU CHIVE! – You know most of us here are at work! – SO F*#$% YOU!!!

    • Alka

      What happened? did your boss heard your sissy scream? 😀

      • equalizermax

        No, I shit in my chair and they heard it loud.

  • Don Juan


  • @nffcnnr

    Total hoax.

  • andrea

    well played biotches

  • Lynne Sandilands


  • random

    man im at work! not cool! i yelled out loud

    • Lynne Sandilands

      Me too, but thankfully I'm alone 🙂 Phew did I ever scream. lol

  • markkens

    You evil bastards

  • gem

    haha! my sound was off I win ,did not flinch.

    • Joeyk

      Ha same here, i never have the audio up for these im at work..why would you?

  • Chauncy

    Where can i send you the dry-cleaning invoice for my pants?

  • Zach

    its a trap!

  • alex

    Paranormal Activity 2 prepared me for this vid

  • Benjamin Dennison

    anybody else call their buddy to have them watch this? I told him to turn up the volume so you can hear the duck's bones cracking.

    • AshTheMohican

      Good one!

    • akgoalie9

      you sir, are a genious.
      an asshole as well

      but a genious nonetheless.

  • Kjell King

    No Touchy!

  • Victor

    i love this song! 😉

  • brandi

    LMAO! Good one! I like triple flinched!

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