Remember Brooke Burke? (24 Photos)

  • gator

    you know her kids will have to deal with "your mom" jokes forever know

  • bowhuntpa


  • nnn

    Still wishing that I could find an uncensored version of her Playboy video…

  • LT B

    My vote for hotest MILF.

    • Chrispeena


  • whelm

    Thanks, Chive, for posting one of the most beautiful – and nicest – women in recent memory!

  • cpt

    now let me get this straight…. are you really asking if i forgot brooke burke?

  • eclipze

    I'm gonna vote TheChive – sexiest site of the year. at least from the non-nude stand point of view. lol

    go CHIVE !!!

  • Dustin Martian

    The most disappointing nipples of all time.

    • shooter

      i agree based on what we saw in playboy. would have liked to have checked them out before the kids though

  • Robert

    Best pic is 18. OMG

  • Beldar

    Here I am scrolling down with my non-dominant hand, and that last picture comes up. Way to ruin the fantasy Chive.

  • Hitbox

    is the last pic for the weirdos who wanna photoshop their faces onto the dudes faces lol

    you've missed the best pic of her
    the one where she's in that light blue bikini in the rainforest 😉

  • floscar

    Do I remember her? She still makes daily appearances in my spank bank Rolodex.

  • {clevernamehere}

    It is understood in my house that if by some bizarre set of circumstances, I was given the opportunity to spelunk Brooke Burke's cave, my wife would be asked to hold my sammich and bottle of Gatorade. And she is okay with that.

    THAT, Ladies and Gentlemen, is how hot Brooke is.

  • Heyyo

    She’s beutiful

  • edmund

    this bitch is gross looking. she looked better before she had a doctor butcher her face and body. she might look good if youre the kind of person who likes fake plastic girls. thats if youre shallow and unrealistic on how real women look

  • Centhuryon

    She's ever the best MILF and her belly is unforgettable! Brooke for president!

  • Bob

    Does this woman ever age?!?! She's like Cindy Crawford.

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