This chick has been named ‘China’s Sexiest Female Teacher’ (21 Photos)

Her name is Zhu Songhua, she's a 30 year-old language elementary school teacher for the No. 1 Primary School Attached to Jiangsu Nantong (yes that's the name of the school). Over the last several days, Zhu has become an overnight phenomenon after being named the sexiest teacher in China. She claims to be an ordinary girl who was not seeking attention in any way.
More photos here.

  • FapperX

    "not seeking attention in any way"?! Yeah, that's about as believable as her saying that's the natural color and shape of her eyes.

    … and look at those eyebrows in #2, #3, #10 & #11. she's close to being the Chinese version of that Emma Watson wannabe!

    • Nyet.

      My thoughts exactly.

    • RAWR

      Her eye shape is natural, she just has lash extenders. Her eye color is obviously through color contacts. and all girls pluck their eyebrows. you sir, have much to learn.

  • jake

    In soviet china, sexy teaches you

    • w/eeeee

      she is hot, but also wears alot of makeup 😐

      • David W

        and looks like her eyes are always wide open

        • BigDingo

          that's because of plastic surgery

  • guz

    She doesn't look like an attention seeker either!
    #7 cancels out the duckface.

    • Buttercup

      With those over-sized contacts that give her the anime look, I would say she is an attention seeker. I mean, those contacts are purely for fashion! Also, they are potential very harmful to the eyes. I think it is safe to say that anyone who choose appearances over health has a problem.

      • guz

        Yeah, I was being sarcastic.

  • daduts

    pretty 🙂

  • Screwdriver

    I have an eggroll for her…

    • HoJoon Choi

      that's not racist at all you cracker.

      • HellHath NoFury

        No, it's not, you Commie chink.

    • schango

      more like I'll have my eggroll in her, right? right?

  • stafferty

    If she comes to the states, I will forgive China for the currency manipulation. Deal?

  • Beau

    #8 Scared me.

    She's wearing a lot of makeup, and I've seen those posts on the berry about what women can do with their makeup. I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!

    • jjjj

      i agree… im scared to like this

      • Phil

        #8 was freaky…

        And yeah, tons of makeup.

    • Luke

      Yeah, lets see her without makeup.

  • mattythegooch

    Me rikey!!

    • Fong

      The Japanese can't do the "L", the Chinese CAN do "L" but not "R".

      So we can say "rice" , but not "roar".

  • whelm

    No one will ever need a translator for the elementary language she teaches!

  • dajesus

    China has elementary schools?! How do those kids have time for school? Then who's making my sneakers?

    • twat

      probably your mom

    • fk u

      your sister, your mum and your wife when she's not prostituting.

    • naruto

      How many do you want? They make you one, then they go to school…

  • Avante

    thats great …. now go make me some dumplings !!!

  • Scott

    What's up with the wandering eyes in #8…

    • Rachele

      HERP DERP!

  • Steven Vargas

    What color are her eyes blue, green or brown?

    • Shabs

      They're fake contacts color.

      • JimmyJack

        Exactly. Without the makeup and the contacts, you wouldn't touch her.

    • HellHath NoFury

      They are bullshit color.

  • jozef

    not seeking attention still making duckfaces

  • vince

    I'm not into the 'Asian' thing, but I'd do her in a heartbeat….<3<3

    • huh

      Yeah, but 30 minutes later you'll be horny again.

      • aosux

        Infinite thumbs up to you my friend, infinite

  • Charlie

    Sign me up for whatever class she teaches…

    • Jon

      She teaches sex Ed.

  • HardCoe Mike

    Amazing eyes for an asian.

    • Gord

      Yeah, Surgery will do that.

    • john

      Chinese people's natural eyes are not really that slanted. You are thinking about SOUTH Asians, but i guess we all look the same to you.

    • Vesta

      She has cirle contact lenses (which enlarge the eye and make it lighter, depending on the shade). I own a pair of those myself, got 'em for halloween. The rest is just well applied makeup. Her eyes don't look anything close to that when she wakes up in the morning.

  • Beau

    They don't have elementary schools in China. Everyone knows they have Erementary Schoors.

    • Gonzo

      Not sure why you don't have 100 thumbs up for this comment

      • slant eyes

        To many slant eyes take offense.

        • McBeastie


    • sanji

      and she teaches engrish subject, 😀

      • McBeastie

        Oh the hits just keep on coming.

    • unjiga

      That is japanese you idiot. They have "elementary schools" but in a different tone. 🙂

  • drbeene

    #8 makes her look pretty heinous.

    • dece

      8 and 11.
      i'm into certain weird crazy shit, but dinner-plate eyes that don't always look the same direction ain't one of them.

  • Sauru

    ok her eyes freak me out. for a teacher she is damn hot but otherwise eh..

  • equalizermax

    I want to go back in Elementary!

  • JiggQuoi?

    Asians aren't my cup o' tea, but I'd buy her 5 dowwa eggwoww and let her give me crabs.

  • unfairrobot

    She posed for all those photos and wasn't looking for attention in any way?
    Now that's talent!

  • Terry Burke

    lets see her with out all that make up on. then see if she is till sexy

  • Benjamin Dennison


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