This chick has been named ‘China’s Sexiest Female Teacher’ (21 Photos)

Her name is Zhu Songhua, she's a 30 year-old language elementary school teacher for the No. 1 Primary School Attached to Jiangsu Nantong (yes that's the name of the school). Over the last several days, Zhu has become an overnight phenomenon after being named the sexiest teacher in China. She claims to be an ordinary girl who was not seeking attention in any way.
More photos here.

  • hamster huey

    wow 8 is scary.

    • rob


  • mipo2010

    I don't believe the hype

  • JiggQuoi?

    I am sure you meant "hirarious."

  • somethings

    #8 Freaks me out a little.

  • TOAD

    I wouldn't mind having detention with her =]

  • Hokus Grey

    I wonder if she would have still been given that title before she got her eyelids cut off?

  • Psychotronx

    Those eyes on #8 are freaking me out! They are huge!

  • V. Putin

    In great Russian homeland, women who wear color lens are only prostitute. This prostitute is now teacher. I hope for sake of my country's children that she teaches childs to make nike shoes with better stitch. Pretty? Da!
    Once I finish stomping across america, I will make sure china continue to produce, but no longer the worthless shit as normally produce. I will work to straiten eye for better making of relyable product.

  • Diggler

    She is just creepy. Sorry.

  • Matt

    They must have some pretty ugly teachers over there.

  • Dakota

    she is so cute. how many of you wish you were in china… and had kids… and needed teacher-parent conferences…

  • Juan

    Hey, I chink I know her, but I may be wong…

  • king

    me love you long time

  • NoPartyFollower

    I was expecting to be told she is a tranny. Can never tell with Asians…….

  • MacNCheese

    An asian woman with green eyes! There is a prophecy about this involving Jack Burton! Google it!

  • Jose

    By "sexiest" I think they meant "least chinese looking"

  • bigboy61

    She's hott as hell but those huge eyes are freraking me out a bit.

  • Jennifer Diamond

    sexiest overly made-up, airbrushed teacher…..yes

  • lain

    judging from those photos she looks more like an gravure idol, than a teacher.

  • zym

    Have I mentioned how much I love Asian women? I have? Well, I'm saying it again.

  • Victor

    I wonder if she likes cream of sum yung guy? Ayyo!

  • F U Chiveassholes

    Are her eyes shopped? WTF?

  • HoJoon Choi

    she's got those contacts that make her cornea bigger– bid doe-y eyes. Plus, she got make up or has had her skin ligthened. She's cute but nothing like a Megan Fox. But hey,you white boys love that cutey, subserviant geisha crap.

    • tinyasiandick


  • Nigel


  • qwerty

    did anyone else find her a little creepy?

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