This chick has been named ‘China’s Sexiest Female Teacher’ (21 Photos)

Her name is Zhu Songhua, she's a 30 year-old language elementary school teacher for the No. 1 Primary School Attached to Jiangsu Nantong (yes that's the name of the school). Over the last several days, Zhu has become an overnight phenomenon after being named the sexiest teacher in China. She claims to be an ordinary girl who was not seeking attention in any way.
More photos here.

  • Jack

    I see so "school" is the word they use for brothel over in China ?

  • manyak

    tang ina suso yan sarap mu irape pakantot nga

  • fsdfsdfsdf

    she is a school teacher guys… she is a perfect example of beauty and brains, unlike other girls who are almost perfect physically but has a brain of an ant.

  • whiteguyzzzz

    finally something better than ugly white bches

  • Miao

    Her eyes and nose obviously went under the knife before. In fact, she reminds me of this Singaporean blogger named Dawn Yang, who is notorious for denying that she underwent plastic surgery despite looking completely different from how she did years before. Compare this teacher's eyes/nose with Dawn Yang's — lateral canthoplasty and blepharoplasty produce eyes that look exactly like theirs.

  • Christina

    ur Dad is Li Gang

  • Gagong manyak

    Wow shit ang sexy mo naman ang sarap seguro makipag sex sayo putang ina pipisilin ko suso mo!!!

  • jay p

    i am going to China now

  • abah khalisha

    nice..I like

  • Tom Sawyer

    If only I had a primary school teacher like her. No more playing truant…

  • monoxxide

    I think it's a man

  • Derek

    yea sexy as hell!. only confirms my love for Asian women.

  • h3ck

    She is absolutely beautiful. Amazingly stunning

  • Sharry

    Can u teach me also??? Plz..

  • cpdiddy

    this chic is frikin gorgeous

  • Chris

    hmm..she may be cockeyed

  • rowdydog

    Sorry, this painted phony face does nothing for me. Give me an old fashioned American Redneck any day.

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