Alright Chivers, time to cough up all your funny photos

girl coaster Alright Chivers, time to cough up all your funny photos

A couple years ago when theCHIVE was just getting off the ground, we thought it would be a good idea to have users submit photos to theCHIVE. So I dug this photo and asked for some pics… and it worked. I guess people love a girl on training wheels careening down a roller coaster.
Now theCHIVE is one of the largest blogs in the world but it’s still nothing without our users’ help. Right now, y’all have some hilarious photos gathering dust on your hard drives and it’s time to share. Use our handy-dandy submit page and get those photos over to us. I still field all the emails personally so get moving. Do it for your country!

– John

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