Project Playhouse is a nobel yet badass cause (14 HQ Photos)

These fantasy cottages have helped Project Playhouse raise millions to fulfill its mission – to build and maintain dignified housing where homeless families and individuals can rebuild their lives. The organization debuted in 1992 and has become HomeAid Orange County’s signature auction fundraiser. In 18 years, the event has raised more than $5.5 million.


  • Parris

    Shea Homes did this this year. they did the house from "Up." 🙂

  • tommybhoy

    I have just text my Dad, full of criticism about my shitty tree house he built years ago!

  • Ouchmaker

    Not a truly Nobel cause, noble though.

    • dece

      do they award Nobel prizes for playhouse design now?

  • Dakota

    i want.

  • stafferty

    I kinda want to make a trip to Home Depot now. I must beat them at their own game.

  • Beau

    Now we just need to figure out how to get one of these in a tree… and we'll be good.

  • araz

    anyone notice Teen Hearts on the TV??

    • Semper

      wish I hadn't

  • Semper

    Freakin awesome but Teen Hearts?? That playhouse isn't going to get any use with that on in there.

  • Anonymous

    Noble, not Nobel

  • randasaur

    Great… just what every fat, lazy, rich kid needs, a flat screen outside.

  • equalizermax

    These are better than Paris Hilton's dog house…

  • Jason

    What is this? A center for ants!!!

  • FartFace

    The kids who grow up with this kind of stuff turn out to be douche bags.. You know, generally speaking.

    • northerner

      Entirely possible. Reference the parental FAIL piece above. Hopefully, the parents that provided these extravagances are better at teaching proper values. I'm not encouraged, but hopeful.

    • Coldzilla

      Thats a pretty general statement

      You know, generally speaking.

  • Coldzilla

    OK so much for my "rad" tree house I had growing up

    Then again itd be kinda hard to fall outta one of these, much to the amusement of my friends (x3)

  • Nora

    why do I have a feeling that the play houses these rich kids are getting are a helluva lot nicer than anything the "charity" end are receiving.

  • Kathy S Ecker

    Ohhhh…I want one…handicap accessible with a big bathroom and a big bed and a nice kitchen. Plz?

  • Richie

    Ah, thats nice. At least the kids will have somewhere to go get high once they're teenagers.

  • cara

    QUICK !! Must delete before my kids see it and feel poor!

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