Some chick in Taiwan married herself (10 Photos)

A 30 year-old Taiwanese woman, Chen Wei Yih, decided to marry herself after she, 'couldn't find a worthy partner'. The wedding, billed as the 'Only & Only's Wedding' cost $6,000 and was attended by 30 guests.

  • bob

    Translation of "worthy" ===> "Willing to marry fat asian chick"

  • Coldzilla

    "'couldn't find a worthy partner'."

    read: Im a self absorbed BITCH who thinks I fart daisies and puke raisin bran

    Enjoy life by yourself!

  • debasteitor

    she's fat and ugly… so fat and ugly that a new word could be coined here.. fugly or something.. thank you god for leave her far away of any male specimen

  • Lisa Martin


  • Bret Van Arsdale

    so, we want to see her have sex with her self

  • sanji

    why I am not surprised that no one wanted to marry her? that's a dude!

  • James

    She's not getting married, she's just having a wedding ceremony which any batshit crazy lunatic could do if they felt like it. Nowhere in the world would register a marriage involving only one person, so this is all just for show, which has obviously worked since it's spread over the web. She'll probably get messages because of this stunt from potential suitors; might even end up getting married for real.

  • Esch



  • Simon Musila


    This is wonderful. Chen Wei Yih keep up for the daring thing you have done. You are an ICON of a woman for giving confidence to women in this world. You should be a UN Peace ambassandor for women issues-or girl child rights.

  • poop

    I don't get why you guys think she's ugly. I think she's beautiful

    • Rexe

      If you are white and don’t look young the usually won’t ask for ID. But just in case you could make a photo copy of your paprsost and bring that. I don’t recommend brining the actual paprsost.

  • Mr Details

    Her *attitude* is pretty ugly (a suitor worthy, indeed!) but if you think she's physically ugly, it's time to get out there in the real world again and stop staring at Chive posts! Average, normal looking girl, who at least has a nice smile.

  • guest

    forever alone!

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