The potential for lower back problems is there (36 Photos)

  • surly

    the potential for motorboatin' is also very much there

  • thomas

    #5 ftmfw

    • joz

      her face looked shopped to me…

      • Frank M

        Correction, HIS face look 'shopped to me…

    • joshdyk87

      #36 FTW!!!!

  • BigDingo

    the potential for lower front expansion is there

  • BigDingo

    also 12, 13 and 36 are pretty damn win

    • Six

      I think 12 is mina stefan…

  • Ryan White

    yea my submission 12 made it in

    for all who wish to know, check kate, photographer mike dowson

    • marc

      where can we find more photos of her?

    • Gutterville

      NAME please

    • Bud Ugly

      Ah, I just saw the full photo, now I see why the picture was cut off.


      • Its-a me, Mario

        I dont think #12 has an eating problem, and on another note I dont think #9 is some sort of porn star

    • lonin

      Found her. Very, very good call.

      • thechive

        where do you look to find her

    • Mr F

      Dude, you are awesome.

  • JeremySantana

    Most of these have moar than potential Chive. Just Sayin…

  • Bobba Fett

    I pick the tattooed gal.
    And will do so everytime.
    Punk girls rule!

  • Paula

    i love number 33


    • matt

      me too.

  • misainzig

    There's a ton of motorboatin' in 14 alone!

  • Kristof

    Simon Says, hands on head for number #36 😀

  • Kristof

    Got any scissors for #3 anyone?

    • HANK

      Those look familiar is that you Jenni?

  • Brad

    I like the one with the big boobs.


    #20 looks shopped. Look at the wood on the window between the b**b and the arm. That’s just my opinion

    • youdummy

      36 photos of boobs and you're looking at wood. That's just sad.

    • jag

      Ai Shinozaki

    • Kenton(again)

      I have no idea what you're talking about. You blow at life. Big Boob'd asians are diamonds in the rough.


    Annnnnnnnnd, I came.

  • Dave

    #27 – Buzz, your girlfriend, WOOF!

  • Ryan

    In the name of all that is holy, can we get a truly NSFW edition with the girls willing to submit those kinds. 😀

  • shavedogg

    13!!!!!!!! OMFG

  • Elleny Mitchell


  • chrisdg74

    Love the sleeve on #20.
    Thank you Chive for these blessings. And by "blessings", I mean motorboat-able boobs.

  • {clevernamehere}

    #2 is where the Mother/Daughter fantasy comes from. Goodness gracious that is a hot combo!


    Thumbs up for #36!!!

    • Mr F

      Even though I hate you for doing the "Thumps up!!!!11!!1" comment like little kids on Youtube, I have to agree.

    • jag

      Interesting, since now there are only 34

  • HardCoe Mike

    Oh Tuesday … you are so full of win!

  • bacon

    The last one…. so hot.

  • bud_man_43224

    mmmm, bewbs

  • woah

    some of them are attractive … others, not so much.

    • ablackguy


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