The SLEEPBOX: Now middle class people can sleep in a box (9 photos)

Taking the next step in rest and space efficiency, Russia’s Arch Group designed the SLEEPBOX.

The days of climbing in tiny honeycomb pods (caskets) to catch some Zzz's in Tokyo, Russia's Arch Group designed the SLEEPBOX for travelers who need a quick, inexpensive recharge. SLEEPBOX is intended primarily to perform one main function - to enable a person to sleep peacefully. The self-contained mini hotel rooms are equipped with a bed, table, HD TV and Wi-Fi. Expect to see the SLEEPBOX in London, Amsterdam, New York, and eventually all across Europe.

(there is no audio for some reason, but I hummed the tune to Chip-N-Dale Rescue Rangers while watching and it didn’t fit very well)

  • Lake

    Hope no one drops a deuce in that water vending machine.

  • sanji

    the slogan for this is "Sleepbox, sex on the go!" imagine if you sleep on those and notice there's some semen on the floor, eww!!

  • think

    I'd like to see them incorporate these into the next airport scene in modern warfare 3. The massacre of so many innocents really wore me out last time.

  • roddy

    there will be many sex in these

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