These parents clearly didn’t read the book (32 Photos)

  • jamie

    first of all, if these arent faked, some of these people need to be shot !

    • BloodScrubber

      To use the term "parents" for any of these photos is beyond comprehension. 😮

    • mamatellie

      Most are.

  • tommybhoy

    Wow…..what the fuck is up with the world!

    • mamatellie

      Don't you people understand that half of these pictures are fake? Look around online once….not to mention this is a HUMOR site, NOT a parental advice site. These are posted to be funny….what is everyone so uptight about?

  • Pokepoke

    I remember #28 is pretty recent, the parents got jailtime for that. Also had a few pictures of them ducktaping the kids sippycup just out of reach…

    These ppl shud just die rly.

    • DICK

      wrong kid/situation but same problem the kid was a tad older but yeah more ppl who need to be shot

    • mamatellie

      It wasn't this one….there was a mom and boyfriend who taped their son to the wall by his wrists.!5652804/mom-boyfriend-sentenc
      This link I posted will bring you to the article about it. And are you aware that this site is supposed to be funny, and though some of the pictures are real, many are not?

  • chrisdg74

    Someone needs to shoot #8's parents. Or at least render them so they can't reproduce again.

    • fdallas

      Shooting someone because their kid put on a fake tatoo??? A bit extreme; I would prefer to be inked than an orphan…

      • chrisdg74

        I had those fake water tattoos as a kid. Got them in CrackerJack boxes.
        My beef is with the fact that her parents put a fake "tramp stamp" on the little girl. What kind of message does that send?

        • respo

          My problem with you is thats of the thirty something photos is the one you right about but the other baby's in dangerous situations is OK with you

    • Randy

      seriously, what kind of parents are they? can't even give their daughter a real tattoo. for shame!

    • northerner

      Yes, I have a problem with all the pics, too. So many parental FAILS, it's scary and disheartening that so many kids wind up with incompetent parents. Been said many years there's no class in how to be a parent before you get knocked up. Even on purpose. Afterward, it's too late and sometimes kids suffer. My beef with #8 is even it it is fake, why give an adorable little 4 year old girl an over-her-butt tat? What kind of a message are you giving her, MOM?! And just where did she learn that "LOOK", MOM?! WTF? Her mom (term used advisedly..) is programming her to wind up a pregnant (maybe often) teenager with a trashed rep. Yeah, that's tough, but it really looks bad for her. MHO. This whole post has been disgusting. Parenthood is a serious responsibility.

  • McRo

    I'm missing the fail in #25. It's an Ergo Baby Carrier with the head support attached so the kids head doesn't flail around while he's sleeping.

    • <.<

      Poor engineering?

      • who knew

        No, kids actually like sleeping like that and being close to there parents. There are all sorts of crazy things to carry kids around in, we use a bunch as it was the only way to get one of my kids to sleep sometimes.

        • HANK

          Fuck that if you want him to go to sleep lay down on the couch with him. Your silly shit you 'need' to do can wait you fucking selfish bastards

          • alysinwunderland

            Hank, obviously you have never had a kid and if you did, you weren't all that "hands on". Kids sleep way better when you are carrying them, whether is it on your back or your front, in a sling or a backpack. Rhythm of walking, body heat, closeness to parent, it all works.

            • Six

              I have a feeling Hank will be figured here somewhere in the future…

    • Hez26

      yea, not too long ago it was in tighter confinements than these.

    • Mischa

      Yup we love our Ergo and my kids fight over who gets to ride in it.

  • saffer

    9, 12 and in particular 27 are dangerous. The rest is harmless.

    • randasaur

      I think you forgot 2, 3, 7, 14, 17, 18, 20 and 32 (though that one seems like a joke and so long as you're not driving that way and an adult's within arm's reach, no issue). I wouldn't call a lot of these exactly harmless though. Scaring, warping, and/or traumatizing (mostly when these photos are discovered by the kids), but not harmless. 1, 22, and 25 are the only ones I'd call completely harmless.

  • GOD

    15 is more of a win

  • Stinkmo

    OMG There is absolutley nothing funny about number 19. Thats a meth pipe … and people who dont do meth, dont usually have those lying around…. (Im a recovered addict… Id know)

    • AwfulCanawful

      yeah… Pretty sure its a shop.

  • Godd

    Lighten up people. Most of these are just jokes.

    • mclendonmeister

      Check out that creepy Harry Potter doll on #4

  • andrea

    you guys should really, REALLY, take down number 19…..REALLY… definately dont need to support that at all.

    • Moose

      In all fairness, it does look like the kid is having fun. (j/k)

    • Six

      Its shopped! Duh!

  • floscar

    well I suppose all the bitching you all did worked. the pictures are gone. I hope you're happy.

  • fuckyouandrea

    sorry but 19 is the most obviously shopped of all of them. 29 is the one i'm most interested in….

  • Steven Vargas

    I wish i was one those kids in #15

  • Tier

    27 is probably the worst one in this thread. christ what were they thinking letting that snake near their child?

  • drbeene

    Are you saying that 22 is a failure because he's gay? If so, that's just insensitive and close-minded.

    • realy

      ya, must be because he's gay, not the fact that he's chugging that pansy ass drink holding his kid.

    • g man

      But asuming hes gay isnt close-minded?nob

    • HANK

      Gay ppl should not b allowed near babies hahaha thats the best reason for that pic to b a FAIL y didnt I see it sooner

  • sarah

    a few of these are funny… the rest quite disturbing…. just awful.

  • mattythegooch

    #24 is def. a FAIL……we all know you NEVER go ass to mouth!!!!!

  • daddyfatsak

    The helping phriendly book?

  • boognish

    #18 – Lady in the lower right corner: "How much do you want for that one?" "Do you accept trades?"

  • duckhunter

    #19 makes me sick to my stomach……. This is not right.

  • Pyp

    PokePoke that baby was not the one in the news recently…The picture (#28) was what inspired the parents in the recent news story to tape their kid to the wall.

    However they have been allowed to have their child back now.

    Why would you copy something you see on the Internet, especially involving taping children to walls?!

  • femtrooper

    Last one makes me lol everytime

  • Kayla Smith

    no 19 needs to have their genitals doused in gasoline and set on fire. Most of these would piss me off if I saw them in public, but that would put me in jail. I'd hurt some damn body for doing that. There's no cause for it, at all, and it's not cute or funny!

  • rick

    Ill take #29 and make another baby

  • Terra Miller

    number 29 kinda worries me.. that girl looks like she is between 12-14 years old so what is she doing half naked in the middle of no where with a baby and some idiot with a camera?

    • Grey

      How do you think she got the baby in the first place ?

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