These parents clearly didn’t read the book (32 Photos)

  • Boris

    Original post FAIL

  • jerry

    So you guys screen comments and don't have the balls to post my comment. What a bunch of pussy's. You really are a weak suck.

  • Hopil

    I see no fail on 7, 22, 23, 25.

  • Coldzilla

    Theres a book? 😮

    And for the record #19 is NOT funny at all

  • sanji

    this isn't funny, its kinda depressing..what the f*ck happened to this people?those are kids not animals! damn!

  • DICK

    this shit aint funny people like these need to be sterelized/shot/tortured

  • Nicnac

    hah wow Chive… I would call this the most epic fail thread in your history… are you supposed to entertain or are you supposed to upset your readers?

  • Sean

    #23 is a win if you ask me.

    • Nikita

      The Frecce Tricolore Is the Itailian National demo team/. Not France. Notice the Italian National colors. I am also sitntoaed in Aviano AB, Italy where they do shows with our Thunderbirds everyonce in a while.

  • BadHorse

    Number 4 isn't a Hitler doll, it's Barty Crouch Senior.

  • c8E

    Yeah, I agree that someone needs to look into #29. Creepy.

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  • burque

    25 is a fail for anyone who does not recognize that this is the correct use of an ergo baby carrier.

  • kayla richardson

    ohm..please take this off of here..thats is so sad..these parents …ughhh..i cant explain to you what…ohhhhhhhh…if these are real or fake..this is not a good all. im crying…thank god is wasnt around to see this happen because i would have hurt the parents..

  • @rileykane

    i'm 'Fail' number #24!

  • Katelyn Manchak

    #19 is fucked. That is saaaad.

  • Gallus

    Sorry, guys. #27 crosses the line from humor to horror! Those parents need to relinquish custody of their child.

  • Ikenna

    I believe it is rcioiuldus to make any blanket statements that EVERYONE should take/learn any course. Equitable education is not equal education. And if Professor Benjamin is equating our economic collapse with students taking statistics he doesn’t deserve the title of professor.

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