Which would you rather, Zie German MANTIS or the Phalanx? (20 Photos)

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This is Germany's new gun called the MANTIS (Modular Autonomic and Network Targeting and Interception System). Rheinmetall of Germany bought the Swiss company Oerlikon while developing the MANTIS (it was called the "Skyshield" under Oerlikon). The MANTIS fires 35mm bullets. These are photos from Camp Kunduz, Afghanistan.
The Phalanx CIWS (close-in weapon system) is an anti-ship missile defense gun. It's nick name is "R2-D2", for obvious reasons. It's newest form the Phalanz 1B CIWS has a rate of fire of 4,500 rounds per minute.

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  • fasterthanu

    I'd go with the mantis cos it looks like a modern howitzer/tank turret, awesome.

  • Carcaiacus

    mantis for sure:D

  • mcctan24

    Number 18 for sure.

    • Rick

      don't ask me how the Tampa Bay cheerleaders got stuck in my head, I'm confident I have a problem

      • Grey

        If that is the result of your problem…I..uh…hmm…sorry, forgot where I was going with that.
        Either way, AWESOME! and keep 'em coming.

      • Mongoose

        Nothing wrong with being a man, Rick. Now take a few pulls from that bottle of Jack Daniel's next to your computer and consider yourself in good standing with the rest of us.


  • Scooby poo

    CIWS (sea-wiz) also nicknamed the fart gun. sounds like a long extended fart when fired, and totally awesome to see it go to work. Go Coast Guard!

  • lomi

    why is it theTHROTTLE: in the title bar? LOL

    • equalizermax

      Probably they were drunk again last night…

  • Coldzilla

    Ill take the Phalanx for the win Alex!

  • Richard

    I operate the Land Based Phalanx Weapon system in Baghdad and our 8 guns have been knocking mortars and rockets out of the sky for years now. Hell, just last night we nailed two of them.

    • LT Rusty

      I've seen videos of that. I'm at a bit of a loss as to how they can shoot down mortars but can't hit shit at sea. That's what seems to happen every time, though.

      Only thing I can think of is that the high track that the mortars come in on makes it easier to track on radar. No clutter from the waves.

      Also, what kind of ammo are you using? HEDP / VTRF / APDS / etc?



  • Phred

    Fok dat. I want a Stark Industries Jericho Missile. =D

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