Daily Afternoon Randomness (47 Photos)

  • Ken

    They were ugly even before they put on the duck faces -_-

  • Justanotherfapper

    # 44 fap fap fap !!

  • Cody

    #23 is LoL

  • Rick

    #44 is pretty damn awesome and #47 is quite the complete opposite.

  • equalizermax

    #34 – This is what's going to happen if you go back to the future…
    #44 – MOAR!!!!

  • aasd;lkjf

    FIND 44!!!

  • Sergio

    # 47

    I would fuck all of them in the ass. Where I come from, making a duckface means you enjoy and expect to be fucked in the ass.

  • P-90

    #24 Those damn nazi skysharks.

  • sean

    42 is in corpus christi she worked at a wendys in highschool i was there this day she gave me a frosty

  • 36d

    #47 – Total picture IQ = 72. Love the costumes ladies.

  • dece

    you've got a gift if you can even tell how they look beyond those faces.

  • Guest

    Regarding 47-You all look like idiots.

  • Brandon


  • das sauerkraut

    omg thank you for posting 44's name

  • Coldzilla

    #34 = AWESOME!

  • Mars

    #4 looks like a lock stock reference. and #32.. I KNOW RIGHT??? if you've ever seen "metal: a headbangers journey", alice cooper sounds just like michael scott. he's pretty much like, "if you think about it.. I, invented metal" and then cracks a stupid grin just like in the office.

  • Jake

    The duckfaced friends, I'd do all of them >.>

  • zac

    number 44 does porn she is called teen kasie thought you might want to know

  • jim

    31's dead fucking sexy tho, right.

  • thisguy

    #47 your attempt to have sexy outfits has been ruined thanks to your facial expression

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