Far as Halloween costumes go, this one doesn’t suck (5 Photos)

  • edocol

    I was hoping she DID suck.

  • CTamp

    Costume…good. Legs….not so good.

  • northerner

    Yep, she is drop-dead beautiful/gorgeous. Awesome legs and her boobs are perfect. Adore that short skirt. I remember our thing in grade school was trying to get a look up the girls skirts especially when they climbed the ladders to the playground slides. Guess we never grow out of that…short skirts are a definite draw to the eyes. And, my, has she got the legs to draw your eyes. WOWOWOWOWOWOW………

  • Sid

    jeeebus, number #5 that skirt has just the right length

  • anon

    im sprung

  • http://www.facebook.com/Luispedrosato Luis Pedro Gonçalves

    Nice legs

  • Bob

    Lets hope she bends over!!!!!!

  • P-90


  • Z-Jax

    Who is she supposed to be?

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  • butter

    but, her face…

  • UK2k83

    i do not care what any of you all say…She is smoking hot in that Harry potter costume….she also looks like she would be so much fun in bed. Wish we could have got an ass shot. Who is this chick?

  • Derp

    Her nose is huge…

  • bro1ker

    Alright Chive!!!! Now that you've got my wand going…who is she, what's her story and does she ride any broomsticks???

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1304250371 Samantha Lowther

    I wonder if she got that in child's size or made it????

  • http://www.mrtgexamples.com mrtg examples

    not the harry potter i remember. hot.

  • Wmo32


  • fruitfly

    Yeah shes definitely hot and Id do her til my balls fell off, but theres something weird about her legs

  • some guy

    i want to fuck u

  • Doctah

    All that agree to pass the notion as amazingly awesome. Say aye

  • scott

    Do you see the legs on her sha wing

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