Human aquarium puts white collar city-life into perspective (1 HQ photo)

This amazing photo was pieced together with 17 panoramic frames (at 200mm) by Russian photographer Dmitriy Chistoprudov. The photo features 56 floors of a Russian office building called “Federation”.

  • tommybhoy

    Looks like Nakatomi Plaza…before John McClane blows the shit out of it

    • chrisdg74

      Yippee ki-ay, motherfucker.

  • BigDingo

    well that's depressing

  • equalizermax

    One of the guy in the 34th floor was browsing at thechive…

  • Lisa Martin

    I like the red room.

    And when I look at my fish, seems some are always procreating. I see no procreation recreation going on…work only fish tank? Dang.

    • stafferty

      There are a lot of empty rooms available if you want to change that

    • P-90

      'The Red Room' where they train the Black Widow.

  • mattythegooch

    Uggghhh, now I know what my daily life looks like from the outside. At least when I take a shit, I don't have that long stringy turd hanging from my fish-ass!!

  • CanadianChiver

    Welcome to life above 50 degrees latitude in the winter…

  • Justin Hall

    Love the dude power -osing in his office on the top power.

    Haters gunna hate.

    • Justin Hall

      Damnit, TYPOS

      "Love the dude power-posing in his office on the top floor."

      Derpers gunna derp.

      • b0b

        damn you're are a retard

  • Zombie

    woulda been priceless to catch some fuckin' going on somewhere

  • BloodScrubber

    The guy in the top left….he is getting a lap dance it appears…dam executive privileges. B)

    • Coldzilla

      Um………… im prettty sure thats the back of his chair

      But a guy can dream right? 😉

  • rawnoyz

    The best human aquariums are in the Philippines!!! hahaha "#29 please, oh and #35."

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