I don’t know how to put this….these pics are kind of a big deal (27 Photos)

  • lolz

    Spiderman has a red penis

    • The Burger King

      Spiderman has a spider penis

      • P-90

        You mean it shoots a sticky white substance?

  • equalizermax

    #5 – I want to skate with her…

  • http://nippix.org debasteitor

    #13 you're so dumb… you're really dumb.. fo' real

  • chase_q

    #10, come on chive don't support the ignorance of who submitted this. They even made a movie regarding the bad luck of the thirteenth floor and why they aren't in nearly all 13+ floor buildings

  • Nizzie

    Spiderman… In Tron??? O.o still not enough to shit bricks. But a cool concept none the less.

  • floscar

    Ok so, so Tron Spiderman's red tron penis is coming out of his tron briefs and squirting some tron man juice? Not brick shitting material.

  • http://www.facebook.com/beau87 Beau

    #14 World's #1 Father is the perfect mug for him to hold, hahahaha.

    #24 I always pictured the millennium falcon as being a bass. Can't really tell from that picture because there's no tuning knobs on the head, but the shorter neck makes it look like a guitar.

  • anon

    What's so special about #6?

  • Hobo w/ a shotgun

    No more talking about Human Centipede.

  • AshTheMohican

    I wanna be a human centipede when I grow up.

  • Skedaddle

    5 is TASTY.
    6- nice fishnets
    17- is using the right bait ^_^ You have hooked me.

  • llama beans

    To avoid bad luck, all buildings don't have a 13th floor. It goes from 12 to 14.
    There's a 60's rock band named "The Thirteenth Floor Elevators"

  • P-90

    #13 'Homosapiens and your guns'
    #16 Spidey-Tron looks awesome.

  • http://www.facebook.com/drawingbored Patrick Wichert

    whoever submitted #10 is a ra-tard. most elevators skip the number 13 out of superstition. true story

  • Amanda

    #10 – Yeah, 13 is unlucky. There is never, ever a thirteenth floor, don't know where you've been.

  • Pie

    #16 – Spiderman has 2 right hands

  • max

    #25 Sub Zero Wins, FATALITY!…………really a win picture!

  • dank

    spiderman doesn't have two hands the same, the angle is just weird. but his crotch does kind of resemble optimus prime's face?

  • teddy

    I think spiderman is supposed to have a laser cock up there, but for some reason it's growing out of his hip?

  • marianne

    The elevator panel with the missing #13 is a typical thing. Most hotels don’t have a 13th floor due to superstition. No one wants to stay on the 13th floor. Though they technically do have a 13th floor they will just skip the number. If there is a 13th floor it would be storage or offices.

  • rawnoyz

    #6 is oscar dela hoya itching to put on fishnets and high heals again!

  • anonymous

    #10: omission of the 13th floor is very common in the USA, likewise 4th floors are skipped in China

  • rawnoyz

    #10 I heard that in some countries a 13th floor doesn't exist because it's bad luck..

  • chrisdg74

    Hate to break it to you (#10), but 99.9% of buildings have no 13th floor. Silly superstitions.

  • ch0nies

    Human centipede, worst movie ever !

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