More redneck innovation for the thrifty loser (30 Photos)

These photos and more at thereifixedit.

  • @FightHopeTheory

    these are awesome!

  • Mason

    This Gallery is EPIC!

  • Joey Mitchell

    #2 is clearly photoshopped, and they did a bad job at it.

    • Terry Burke

      no it real

  • icejingles

    You can find #3 in Okinawa quite often.

    • Matthias

      And to be true I think it makes sense….why not use water twice. At this place it really doesn´t matter anymore if the water is soapy or not…..

      • Joey Mitchell

        AGREED! Why not recycle!?

        • icejingles

          The Japanese are suprisingly efficent.

          • Hank

            I like it, I like it a-lot

  • nessi

    rednecks… they make life worth living.

  • BigDingo

    BP could use a few of these guys on staff

  • WhereINthe WORLD

    15 is actually quite brilliant.

  • art

    it is my humble opinion that these make macgyver look like an amateur.

  • dean

    #1 is a vw, my 86 jetta had that dash.
    that car was awesome, could put a bullet through it and it'd still run.
    my 96, however, was a pos and the reason i'll never buy a vw again.

    • Beau

      If only it had an analog clock…

  • vince

    I'm not sure a redneck would even drive #20…. That is beyond hideous. o.0

    • McRo

      Maryland FTW!

      • HANK

        More like the world Fuck maryland

        • Hobo

          ftw = for the win… ugh

    • buck ofama

      no real man would drive a prius under any circumstances

  • manweb

    #18…and that officer is why I carry around a full sizes sword.

    • stafferty

      I"m changing this Thermostat FOR FREEDOM!!!

      • Beau

        Did somebody touch the thermostat?

    • william745

      by the power of grey skull!!!

  • Dew

    #7 Was a promotional deal done by Mercury Marine back in the Sixties. The promotion was that the motor was power enough to keep the kitchen table moving without sinking.

  • ClayB

    These are pure genius. Gotta love rednecks!!

  • Beau

    #29- Eh, looks more comfortable than the seats that I remember them having.

  • DemonSpawn

    #5 is not a redneck invention. Nothing wrong with tube doors for offroading, especially if you are offroading in Moab.

    • HANK

      Whatever redneck

      • DemonSpawn

        And youre probably a preppy kid who thinks driving his moms Hummer to the mall is offroading too…..

        • Bisketz

          Amen brother, I say the same. Not redneck.

    • Timmycheese

      Hell yeah, dude. It is actually a great way to see where your tires are going on some of those nasty obstacles on the trail.

      not to mention its awesome..

  • lea michele

    sword holding up hood of car. who doesn't carry a sword in their car anyway? can't believe there wasn't much duct tape used.

  • equalizermax

    Created by rednecks, material bought from wal-mart…

  • SIFOTI – 10/27/10 | WetBandits

    […] Redneck innovations with photo evidence. […]

  • zym

    #10 may be the greatest thing ever. But that's probably overstating it.

  • R. Wiggum

    When life gives you lemons…. make orange juice.

    • Will Walker

      "When life gives you lemons, you say FUCK THE LEMONS, and bail!"

      • anonymoose

        When life gives you melons, you might be dyslexic

  • Will Walker

    Why is # 6 even on here? That one is clearly photoshopped.

    • FLHomesteader

      How can he tell?!!?!?!?!


    • trollin'

      they do this all the time in older buildings, when the escalators break, they are soo expensive to fix you just lock them and put tile or flooring on the treads.
      I know of three stores that have this in them.. but I guess that it is clearly photoshopped………

      • FLHomesteader

        That wasn't the answer I was going for…

        I was going for the "pixel" statement… but…. yeah, that works too.

  • b-bop

    its a baby bottle bong, a baby bottle bong!

    • Fishy

      That's just fun to say a baby bottle bong.

  • AshTheMohican

    #18 King Arthur's checking his transmission fluid.

  • isawoj

    I think #23 is a Rat Rod, meant to look beat as hell.

  • Skedaddle

    #18- there can only be one…..

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