Hot Right Now: The weekend’s in sight, now we just DGAF (48 Photos)

To be back in college….Stay…stay as long as you can (30 Photos)

  • Packbacker77

    #12 is my favorite. They're not the hottest, but one of them has an NC State shirt on. GO PACK!

  • elisa

    #9 #11 #23 #24 MOAR

  • Jim

    Who is #'s 8 and 18?…..I see them all over facebook and the internet………

  • jealous wench

    who the hell goes to the beach/tanning and keeps their hair looking like this?! #29

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • Suk mi Dickey

    I wanna stick my dick up all the holes in #30. It's like they're bending over waiting on me!

  • jellyfish

    these are mostley porn girls and #23 a man who u would rail chive dont lie:D

  • Joey

    #23, FIND HER!!! OMG!!!!!!!

  • Tdub

    I think I win longest time spent in college 14 full time semesters! For a bachelors degree… Radford University in VA : )

  • Vince

    Can we do the world a favor and please, for the love of god, find #18

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