To be back in college….Stay…stay as long as you can (30 Photos)

  • Firstly

    First, suckas!

    • Guest


  • Guest

    First…Dislike. Asshat

  • Mac

    Is it bad that my initial thought when I saw #17 = "That's an expensive costume."

    • HANK

      Wasnt my first thought but did cross my mind, but I'd love to borrow a condom or 3

    • zym

      My first thought was "that's very convenient".

    • Benjamin Dennison

      Its reusable

    • Big_Hairy_Si

      It means you failed the gay test.

    • Jason

      I thought that at first, then pondered maybe the health dept at their school stocks Trojan's and gives them away instead of the crappy Lifestyles like my school.

    • ablackguy

      very bad, first, fag, second, you didnt pay for it,, and third, tear off a peice of their costume and your set

    • vince

      dude same thought

    • Swez

      My initial thought was "Challenge Accepted"

  • Joey Mitchell

    #8 tried very hard to not make the infamous duckface.

  • JeremySantana

    Tits, Ass, Puffy Pussies, Nice Nips. Ahh Yes, A Sudden Realization Of Why I Visit The Chive On a Daily Basis.

    • top dog

      Find you a woman….quick!

  • Why Not?

    must… not… fap… DAMMIT!! not again!!

  • nick

    for all the beautiful ladies thinking about getting breast implants, don't.

    • DixonOrmus

      ha ha too late for most of those in this post

      • Jen

        ugh, i think about getting them every other day and then every other other day, i talk myself out of it. SIGH

        • Ryan White

          hey don't listen to them. If you want to get them, then go for it. I for one am a man who would love it either way (just don't go overboard with the size)

          • Jen

            im super flat and i think id like them but you always seem superficial with fake tits. and i would def flaunt em if i got em and then i would be looked at as a whore! decisions decisions

            • Eric Insalaco

              Yeah, Jen, if you think you'd take more enjoyment out of it, then do it. I happen to be a naturals fan, I'll take flat before fake, but hey, find yourself a dude who'll love your flaunting haha

        • ablackguy

          please do

    • Lexy :)

      Dude no. Fake tits are amazing. If you go to a really good doctor, it can be hard to even tell they are fake. Nobody ever thinks mine are, even my boyfriend didn't know until I told him. Everyone who hates on breast implants needs to stop sipping that haterade. Plus I know a lot of guys who prefer fake boobies 😉

  • Ryan White

    apparently going to college makes your breasts grow larger

  • BigDingo

    HD please

  • WhereINthe WORLD

    I kinda feel bad for those girls in 9 and 17. They are going to have to suck soooo much dick to get anywhere in life. SUCKS to be you man.
    Whores are going to whore

  • Its-a me, Mario

    Sometimes I dont get theChive. First its all about how bad the fake tan is and the duckface is lame….and now this. half this post should be douchettes and the other half is pornstar. I have no problems with pornstars tho….in that case, the title of this post is wrong.

    That is all.

    • Its-a me, Luigi

      Fuck you

    • ablackguy

      haha, damn, marios a bitch

  • AtomPunk

    bad bad bad bad bad bad taste. that is all.

    • spook01

      just come out already!

  • dougp

    Most of these have nothing to do with college.
    And who can't fight hotter girls than this on the internet? Chive is starting to suck.

    • cheezebits

      Why do you want to fight hot girls on the internet? Hot girls are lovers, not fighters.

    • ablackguy

      bitch, go do your college hw, and masturbate to your internet chicks, chive is awesome

  • Nelson Costa

    Buaaaaa..:'( cry babies!! stop complaining and just enjoy the damn pics..

  • Jeff Sayatovic

    26.. Which one? Both.

    • eldurbo

      At the same time.

  • johndory

    #20 devo much?

  • woah

    um … wow.

  • Eric Larson

    #8: best.

    • khalil Gerson

      i know! i've seen this girl before. anyone know her name?

  • Maynard B

    Ok, can we get an i.d. on #23 and get an exclusive post with her wearing alot less. I'd appreciate it.

    • ola

      emilie solbu, she is norwegian.

  • Bud Ugly

    I always find #18 hot.

    • ricardo

      Amber Stratton…enjoy

      • Phil

        Awesome… good google!

    • valentine

      my my, you certainly are running on all 8 cylinders

  • John S

    The girls at my college definitely didn't look like this…

    • bigcw

      Yeah where the fuck our these girls at my college?

      • bigcw

        sorry meant are

  • Beau

    #17 – That. Is a lot. Of condoms. What would you say for those chicks… maybe a week's worth for each of them?

  • blueballs

    Need… to… see…. more… of…. 18.

    • Nick

      Amber Stratton google now.

  • ltw

    2 8 and 18 win this one

  • mcctan24

    My wedensday just got 30x better!

    • Beau

      How do you post without everyone attacking you? Between the nickname and the v-neck in the thumbnail, I'm just sayin'.

      • mcctan24

        Dude, its a screen name. your one of the ugliest, dorkiest dudes ive ever seen, you dont have any room to talk about anybody. Quit wanking it to my pic and get back to your dungens and dragons game kid.

        • SweetAwesomeness


        • Beau

          I'm cool with being ugly and dorky. You're a tool. That's all I was trying to say. No reason to get your man-thong in a bunch.

          • james

            dude you sound pretty insecure

      • Guest

        like your screen name is better. you know you are a redneck when your father named you after his favorite hunting instrument.

        • Jen


    • ablackguy

      mcctan24, and beau, your both fags, just have your little gay sex and make up.

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