Hot girls and their narcissistic rage (33 Photos)

  • Semper

    It gits me pants swimmin lookin at wimmin :]

    • douche

      I just realized that #12 is wearing that skirt at a bowling alley… what i would give to witness her bowling in that skirt.

  • Semper

    Also, seriously considered lesbianism for the first time after viewing this gallery

    • P-90

      Me too.

      • Big_Hairy_Si

        I regularly consider lesbianism, but my wife complains about the amount of time I spend researching it on the internet.

        • kaveman4130

          and i thought i was the only one, we should start a support group.

  • DaddyD

    Moar #3 please

    • TheDonger

      I second and third this request.

      • bear

        I fourth and demand this request


      That is one hot mama! You find her chive…and you find her fast…or else…
      Seriously, thats my perfect girl right there.

      • HANk

        She's been identified before in a dif thread but i cant remember her name but I did google her after and man what a fap-tastic day it was

    • paulhitchcock

      #3 is Jenna Renee Webb. How about a thread of her own, Chive?

      • sAINT

        i believe her name is miss pestin

        • Ned Ryerson

          you mean Prestin and you're wrong.

  • MIke

    31 looks like a dude

    • Doug

      or the snickers commercial monster….

    • 71077345

      and 32

    • blaaah

      and 30

    • its_forge

      I was just about to say that #30, although cute and with a great rack, looks like Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants.

      • frankysins

        ive never wanted to fuck Tim Lincecum so bad

    • ancienthybrid

      She was….damn

  • sooner

    wow i love this post

  • vzla-ftw

    something about #4, i just find her gorgeous…

    • ...

      I'm pretty sure that's bryci

    • The Dude

      It's probably the boobs:) Agreed!

    • Plenty liberty

      viva chavez

    • bored@work

      Def need moar of her. Find her asap

  • name not important

    all high maintenance, all stuck on themselves, for sure all trouble and users with no brains and feel the world owes them a living ergo a waste of womanhood with 3/4 willing to appear nude for money and the other 1/4 will do porn with an animal besides a man.

    • Victor

      So what's your point? All women are animals I'd prefer not speaking to. The fact that you don't find hot sluts even reasonably appealing only proves that you are A) gay as shit. (and that's the lame gay that doesn't like grabbing bitches titties, because even cool gay guys know titties are the greatest thing in the whole damn world. B) Fat and ugly and unable to have any shot at said hoes or C) in a relationship with an ugly angry fat bitch that keeps your testicles in a box. Your name is not important because you have no use in this world. HEIL SLUTS!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

      • Becca

        Or… this is a chick.

      • steven

        Those are my feeling too, name not important and GTFO.

    • kater

      well, not all, really. maybe 2-3 look decent. the rest are ducky face douchettes tho, true. only 1-2 really likable here.

      • Tecklin


    • MyRealNameIsTooLongF

      "all high maintenance, all stuck on themselves, for sure all trouble and users with no brains and feel the world owes them a living ergo a waste of womanhood with 3/4 willing to appear nude for money and the other 1/4 will do porn with an animal besides a man. "

      You are their agent/pimp and your post is classed as spam/advertising. NOW STOP IT!!

    • Coldzilla


      You can tell all THAT just from their pics?

      Let ME try……..

      from your post I gleen that you are a self absorbed asshat who takes the world (and The Chive) MUCH too seriously and really needs to get laid.

      Ahhhhhhh that last point kinda rounds it out doesnt it? 😉

      • SG34


        • Coldzilla

          First off you replied to the wrong person Skippy and secondly if someones comment gets you THAT riled up then I suggest its time to shut off the puter and go outside

          Oh and its "you're" not "your"

          ** waits for SG34s head to explode ** xD

      • Tecklin


        • Coldzilla

          Wow a reply to a comment I made 49 weeks ago….

          Are you driving a De Lorean?


    • Andy

      Wow it sounds like you have spent a lot of time angry masturbating looking at those girls. You probably are too afraid to talk to girls like that because you lack confidence! Dont judge a book by its cover, thats all I have to say about that.

    • sixdeadelves

      and god love them for it

    • RMB

      I think old Victor is probably as shallow as the girls in the pics

  • farrariz

    Thank you chive.

  • nipplelover

    10 looks a bit cold

    • steven

      Yeah but that's a real nice sweater.

  • makers mark

    i think the chive just broke the internets

  • paco

    there are very few things I wouldn't do to 28

    • id wreck that

      i agree completely

    • Donkey_Punch

      Thinking the same thing about #3 #5 #6 #12 & #24

    • Grifster

      Yeah Cute as Hell. I went into a dream land for a sec when i got to her.

  • dwire

    More #22 please !!

  • Nathaniel Patrick Fancypants

    SO MANY DUCKFACES. Makes me want to club something small, furry, and protected by PETA.

    On the other hand, if you crop out their mouths the rest of them are usually quite acceptable.

    • stafferty

      You are making cardboard-cutout sex dolls now, aren't you?

  • grassley

    #19 please marry me!

  • Fordman270

    Find #22 please!

    • Summer

      omg… please!!!

    • Drew

      Ya for real there is something about her…

      • Amelia K.

        I think its the eyes…those things are INTENSE. Ice-blue and beautiful…

  • DNC

    Damn!! #15

    • mau

      who is she??????

  • victor

    one of ur best posts ever!!!!!!!

  • Ely

    Daaaayuuumm #28 # 15 #11 One of them need to get an own post. Really!!The Cutest Women that have ever make it onto this Site…*brrrr Great work keep on Chive,

    • SG34


  • Nate

    Who is 17?!?!

    • Scottywal

      Leticia Cline – Was on Beauty & the Geek, then did Playboy.

  • Mike

    More of 22 please and I think that 32 is a dude.

    • Tom

      32 is playboy playmate Sandee Westgate… 22… not that hot

  • Bobba Fett

    I'm pretty f*ckn sick of the cellphone-mirror shot.

    I still like boobies tho.

  • mipo2010

    9's head looks like it's about to explode…Too Blonde to look away from the camera and still take the shot…poor thing

  • grapeape

    gladiator looks like a man! get that tud off now

  • itsalie

    I don't give a flying F*** how big your tits are. If you make another GD duckface, i'm gonna lose my sh*t all over the place. OMG. you girls look F***ing retarded.

  • Jimmy

    awesome, just awesome.

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