In the middle of nowhere… that thing (10 Photos)

Smack in the middle of Bulgaria is the Buzludzha Monument, the 'flying saucer'. At one time, it was one of the most celebrated monuments dedicated to communism. When communism bit the dust in Bulgaria, the edifice was abandoned. Something about this place screams paintball war.

  • taylor

    photo #9 looks like somebody returning to the mothership

  • babble

    It's looks like the old Power Ranger's command Center

  • jane

    'dudes, we gotta go, communism is over'

    'but this place is sweet.'

    'we have to abandon it. those are the rules'

  • Danny_D

    This Should be a Halo Map

  • Joe

    number 8 is like a scene from the movie "Commuinst Independence Day"

    • stafferty

      "We will not go quietly into the night!" We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going –

      wait, if we abandon this place we get a McDonalds

      • spork murder

        well fuck ya lets go!!!

  • edocol

    shame they didn't keep it repaired, it would have made for a great film set

    • Keith

      Maybe if Communism hadn't been a crushing economic failure they would have had the money to keep it repaired.

      • Justin Hall

        You capitalist fanboys are so ridiculous, stop trolling the thread, Keith

        Communism totally pwns capitalism

        • Anonymous

          That must be why every single communist country FAILED, and every capitalist country continues to WIN.

          • McFly


            • spork murder

              shut up mcfly….fucking making valid points and shit….whats wrong with you?

            • Anonymous

              China is a socialist, not communist, country – because communism FAILED there.

          • Text book

            Ever heard of The People's Republic of China? Dumbass…

            • @Suburbsexaddict

              Not very communist these days…

            • Anonymous

              1. China is not communist but socialist 2. China is FAIL. They have 1 billion people, no healthcare, no human rights, censorship, and a fuckload of other problems…. moron.

  • FuckOff

    Bulgaria's next super club? Who's in? We could probably pick it up for a few thousand US dollars haha. That place looks badass!

    • asdf

      idk the middle of no where part has me worried

      • Maurice James Girvan

        That's the best part, no Environmental Health officers telling you to turn it down at 3am. I'll DJ that place anytime. Preferably psy-trance, but house, whatever.

    • Cladgemeister

      Why the fuck would you want US Dollars?

  • Big M

    In Soviet Bulgaria, Communism abandons you!

  • GTO

    fight club.

    this place is so full of win.

    • Maurice James Girvan

      Even better. Fight club during the week, nightclub at the weekends. Can I suggest, strip-club on Sundays?

  • BigDingo

    need to get me one of those

  • nemesis

    Fallout 4, n'est ce pas?

    • fibonacci5150


  • uberbrie

    Actually EVERYTHING about this place SCREAMS Paintball War

    • thetech2

      fuck yeah cool ambush shit hagin from the ceiling

  • Lisa Martin

    Oh no. Nothing phallic in the nature of the design…nope…just a big ole tower with a circular base…

    • Justin Hall

      Maybe you just have penis on the mind?

      • Kjell King


    • Anonymous

      If I ever look down and see something that's shaped like that structure, it will either be because I am laying on the asphalt after having been run over by a steamroller, or b/c my wife beat my testicles into a pancake for sleeping with her younger sister.

  • gyro

    BOTY @ the Saucer!

  • equalizermax

    It was a space ship, MIB planted it there…

  • @Suburbsexaddict

    And on the pedestal these words appear:
    “My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
    Look upon my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.

    • etchasketchasaurus


  • nouu

    communism always fails…as it will in America.

    • Guest

      You obviously do not know the definition of Communism. You must have gone to one of those American public schools (i.e. socialist).

  • asdf

    airsoft is better : P

  • Lia

    What a shame it’s been allowed to fall apart. That place looks really cool. I’m surprised sone rich person hasn’t bought it and turned it into a house. It had/has real potential for being an awesome abode. I don’t really understand how it was some sort of monument to communism, though…. It looks too *grand* and not as functional as I would expect.

  • Ryan

    Check out the Valley of the Fallen in Spain, it centers around Socialism not Communism, but good none the less. Another dying edifice.

  • Gus

    Do a Google Earth search for 'Bulgaria Buzludzha' and you'll zoom right to it. Make sure the terrain is on and look at the mountain from a low angle. Very cool.

  • Coldzilla

    Ok Im thinking Halo

  • tag

    That would make a sweet house – after redecorating of course. Very weird.

  • TurtleHead

    Did anybody else originaly think it was a giant toilet?

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