One of our users asked us to find the ‘definitive motorboat’ (27 Photos)

TheCHIVE staff has responded, and responded with vigor. This one's for you, Jake.

  • duncan

    that last gif is friggin mesmerizing

    • F U Chiveassholes

      I'll second that.

    • w/eeeee

      just came down 1 bit, going back to the gif

  • likes it

    so pretty much everything can be boated

    • Nunya


      • Kyle Retrato

        Even your mother

  • Pete Ribaudo

    ia any1 else having 2 navigate their cursor carefully and slowly to get around these bs political ads?coincidentally im getting better at call of duty MW2

    • Danny P

      Annoying as hell!!!

    • MissVega

      Hmmm I'm good at mw2 no matter what sir 😉 ps3?

      • Pete Ribaudo

        no xbox 360 i have a legit 2.48 kill death ratio i assure u i am good as well…and a dork 4 knowing that number off the top of my head

  • yeehaw

    dunno… i think scarlett johanson is ugly, but to each their own

  • stafferty

    I was actually having a pretty shitty day before this, now its all better. Thanks Chive.

  • thomas

    why don't you try getting jacked off in front of the whole damn family, and having some real problems?

  • SweetAwesomeness

    Scarlett downblouse FTW!!!! i want to be shrunken down and live permanently in between her boobies!!!

  • equalizermax

    I'll still hit her…

  • jimmy dean

    they look pretty good, are they real?

    • BEN

      are they built for speed or for comfort?

      • jamie

        what did you do with them? motorboat? you play the motorboat?

        • anon

          plbb plbb pllllbbb

          • John

            …bitch! you old sailor you.

            (most impressive, chivers)

            • marcus

              this is why i love the chive

            • thisgoesonandon

              She still in the house?

              What's wrong with you?

              What do you mean "what's wrong with me?" What's wrong with you?

  • Shogun

    I would have to say the quality of these parts can be enjoyed by motorboat speed junkie enthusiast and the ones that just like to rest in the greatness of what is scarlett

  • Westy

    I'm climbing in her window and boating her boobies up!

    • the real d. nozzle

      dey boatin everybody out here.

  • Danny P

    She is stunning with red hair, blond, brunette, long or short, straight or curly. Cleavage popping out or the braless look. Smiling or seductive. Make up or au-natural. She has it all and is beautiful in every sense of the word.

    • Jen

      amen. she is gorgeous. GORE-JUS

    • BloodScrubber

      Sheer awesomeness. This from an Awegnostic point of view. B)

  • stafferty

    Are they buiilt for speed or comfort?

    • stafferty

      Shit, missed it

  • Phil

    I didn't realise she was so gifted. I kind of like her, but I don't find her face to be in my taste. Although, I might change my mind after this…

  • Anakrusix

    I love Scarlett. 🙂

    More please. I said more, dammit!

  • the real d. nozzle

    I guess by "responded" you mean "take idea and post from" but that's ok, I like the format here better, and there is never enough of scarlett johanssens mammaries.

    • Steven Vargas

      "theCHIVE uses photos that were found floating around the internet and are covered under Fair Use and are believed to belong in the public domain" -theChive

      You guys should read the fine print on the bottom before you start talking!

    • thisgoesonandon

      D. must mean douche. Its a big internet son, if you like, then go there and never come back.

  • llama beans

    Man, I do love me some Scarlett Johansen

  • Ilya

    Scarlett Johansson For The Motor Boatin' Win?

  • Edwin Arellano

    thank you chive for this post

  • guest

    Mad FAP to the point of blisters and blindness

  • femtrooper

    Shes so awesome

  • jonnyknuts

    shes the greatest

  • Bud Ugly

    She's not a favorite, but she's certainly attractive enough for me.

    I don't like her Megan Fox impression in #24 though.

  • top dog

    He he he he! Boobs, He he he he!!!!!!

  • GreenMachine

    Ryan Reynolds gets to be Deadpool, Green Lantern AND have sex with her. Totally unfair.

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