One of our users asked us to find the ‘definitive motorboat’ (27 Photos)

TheCHIVE staff has responded, and responded with vigor. This one's for you, Jake.

  • hitman219

    17 is asking for photoshop

  • Luke

    Is 27 from a movie? If so does anyone know what the name of it is?

  • randa

    Checked it out, Scarlett and I could swap bras anytime. Thanks for making me feel good about that Chive.

    • its_forge


  • BigDingo

    om nom nom nom

  • MeisterMon

    I'm sorry… although Scarlett is HOT, her rack in no way, shape or form is the ultimate motor boat!

    C'mon Chive… you know this MAN!!! I dare you to follow this one up with real stuff! Do it, do it, do it!!!

    • its_forge

      Any breast larger than your head is a waste. ::nod::

  • nickolas

    thank u chive for this amazing post she is soooo hot and id love to be reynolds lol

  • bigcw

    according to the thumbs it's just you

  • RandomGuy

    Am I the only one who thinks her lips look weird?

  • DollarBillUK

    One of my dream women. Only thing is, every picture I see of her now days she looks kind flat chested :/!

  • bob

    i'd like to run barefoot over an ocean of scarlett johannsen's boobs….

  • its_forge
  • dece

    11 makes me feel like i'm there. 27 makes me wish i was.

  • AshTheMohican

    This woman is a GODDESS. My girlfriend hates her guts.

  • DumbNigger


  • DumbNigger

    werd to ya mutha

  • I agree.


  • Dan

    Her face is really unattractive. I dont get the hype about her. Boobs are win though.

  • Tubular Tom

    Great choice for motorboating ! I'm getting out my Evinrude now!

  • Surfchef

    The only person I am jealous of right now is Ryan Reynolds. He gets to spend time with those every night.

  • Atwell

    I would do a lot more than just motorboat Scarlett………nom nom nom

  • rapture9lives

    what movie is that last gif from?

    • Alex

      A Love Song for Bobby Long

  • Why Not?

    thumbs up if you got stuck on 27 and started drooling a little.

  • Heber Coll

    WHAT. Scarlett is a goddess. Go dig a hole and crawl in it. Never come out.

  • Men

    Yeehaw yourself out of that closet home slice

  • muscledrifter

    Thanks for the suggestion jake!

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