Party like a rockstar…and pay for it with elastin (37 photos)

  • Ohmyguinness

    When did Steve Perry become a 60 year old lesbian?

  • Cobretti

    Most of them look great. Money doesn't hurt, but still, says to me we should keep partying as hard as possible. Thanks for the encouragement Chive – none of these people look like my parents.

  • Hunter McGunner

    Ted Nugent for the 2nd Amendment WIN!

  • babymistakes

    Pat Benatar's still a sex kitten.

  • randasaur

    Springsteen, hot then, hot now.

  • Its-a me, Mario

    must have sounded awesome, a high, drunken senior citizen humming protest songs that were about the sixties . Awesome.

    • its_forge

      Neil Young can still rock the balls clean off 9/10ths of the lame young head-shaved creeps out there pretending they have talent. That guy's always looked like walking hell but Jesus God can he rock.

  • McFly

    Debbie Harry (Blondie) was hot back in the day.

  • Manimal

    And his tits are bigger too.

  • Anonymous

    no.34 is Lily Allen, older O.O

  • AshTheMohican

    Steve Perry, what happened?!

  • BloodScrubber

    Life's a bitch. Then ya die.

  • Bisketz

    #22 has the longest forehead I have ever seen!

    • hockey dude 11

      That aint no forehead, that's a five head.

  • Robert Logan

    HEY HEY everybody gets old at some point….

    Oh and PS chive, please don't fuck with the stones.

    • randasaur

      "This may be why Keith cannot be killed by conventional weapons."

  • Kentucky Gent

    I can't believe it. After all these years Ted Nugent still looks like what he is – an utter cunt.

  • Ken

    Jagger was born in 1943. The stones started touring in 1962. I'm not sure what the point of these posts are. Put 30-40 years between before and after photos and will the average person age any less?

  • foREVer

    James Hetfield has a rather lovely smile….

  • Hvratsko81

    Where is Cobain? Oh wait….

  • Jarrrr

    Most just look like they got old, and ummm… ok – for the record Gene Simmons and Ted Nugent have slept with alot of women if you wanna go by that definition of "Partying", but they're bot avowed anti-drug and alcohol advocates. Both claim to have never touched the stuff. Both could probably use it though!

  • Why Not?

    20 i remember when ann wilson was hot!

  • Fred

    Let's be fair…a lot of these comparisons are between someone the age of 23 and then again at 63 or older. Examples: Dylan, Stones, Rod Stewart, Steve Tyler. Petty and Springsteen look surprisingly good for 60 and 61 respectively.

  • Jorge Garcia Jr.

    Bret Michaels, James Hetfield, and Bono actually look better.

  • dodo

    I knew someone who hasn't changed… Eric Martin from Mr. Big.

  • P-90

    #7 Somebody should really tell Iggy he should have stopped taking his shirt off in public about twenty years ago.
    #13 'Does my skin look buttery?'

  • donnyrkj

    meat loaf still looks….well fat, Tom petty still looks…well HIGH, and bono still looks like…well a DOUCHE!

  • meesa

    What, no Jimmy Page? Robert Plant? Roger Waters?

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