Party like a rockstar…and pay for it with elastin (37 photos)

  • AtomPunk

    they all look fine to me…

  • shanna_SA

    Ozy was deffinately the cutest boy!!! James Hetfieldwill will always be awesome!!!

  • HardCore Mike

    NIkki Sixx is one lucky motherfucker considering what he's done. Read his book earleir this year… WOW.

    • capt. fantastic

      same goes for Slash, his book is just one big alcohol, drug, sex haze

  • Shannon Coverdale

    Anyone else sick of that stupid Aldo Ad popping open for no apparent reason?

  • Faceman

    what's with bon jovi's chest hair color change?!

  • bob

    Should of posted an Ace Frehley. That dude looks like wide open ass

  • Paddlemaker

    SOrry chive But Ted Nugent Has never done drugs or had a drink in his life…

  • Duke

    And just think how lucky all the men are – they still have all their hair!

    Or someone's, or many sessions under the implant knife…

  • Passin' thru

    Annie Lennox is HIV positive, according to the T-shirts she wears annually on Idol Gives Back, so she can be forgiven for looking a bit faded with age.
    Ted Nugent has always lived a drug and alcohol free life, which explains why he looks less worn around the edges than, say, Keith Richards, who looked like a 20-year-dead zombie 30 years ago..

  • top dog

    "When 900 hundred years old you reach, look as good, you will not hmm !!!!!"

    • Jonnycakes

      That was all kinds of awesome.

  • wrong

    um ted nugent did not party. He lives a clean life. Doesnt drink, smoke or do any drugs. How dare you put him in there. Plus you show a picture of him when hes fn 20 years old then one when he is 60. Good job dumba$$

  • capt. fantastic

    Mos of them really don't look that bad for their age… Keith Richards on the other hand… heroin takes its toll.

  • MarkyMark

    #1 should be Madonna! And if you think that Mick Jagger has been wearing his own hair for years, think again…

  • boby13

    holy shit! they all look like crap! LOL

  • zerolbcool

    bon jovi looks excelllent he agel really well..slash also not bad

  • tangotut

    So what? People get old and that happens. People get old… if they live that long…

  • MrCj

    #10, #17, #29 and #36: Can't stand 'em. Life would have been better without 'em. Sting, Aerosmith, Tom Petty, Gene Simons the rest are a hell of alot better than the loosers mentioned. Brett Looks fantastic. Nuff said.

  • Dayna Vaughan

    the nooge ( TED NUGENT) never did drugs. Just hunted cute little critters.

  • Catence

    I would do #36 in a heartbeat. No question.

  • Frakking Cylon

    People just get old. I think some of these people look great considering they are being compared to a 30 year old photo.

  • Meat Loaf

    I'm actually dead now so I probably look worse now, dumbass

  • Joey

    They still get more pussy than all of us combined!

  • aldenys

    i would do pretty much all of them on the left side lol on the right only like Bruce Springsteen and bon jovi :p

  • caligirl52

    Annie Lennox is not HIV positive. She wears those shirts to support HIV positivie people – Google it!

  • Chiveisperverts

    Yes yes! look at the people who aged as the grew older!! How dare they not embrace plastic surgery like the rest of their contemporaries!

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