• Jimmy

    can't stop their fun.

  • Maryn

    what plugin do I need via Mozilla to view vids on theChive??

  • colm

    Turn off them fucking stupid adverts after each video, place them on ithe vid and leave an option to turn the mother fuckers off. So annoying. I got two videos in I said fuck this shit….

    • Joe

      There are no ads you idiot. Get a real web browser and shut the hell up!

      • Matt

        Yeah there are dude. those without adblock (myself included because of how slow it makes your browser) have to listen to a ad video after the regular video.

        • Qwerty

          I use adblock and i havent noticed any reduction in the browser's speed. you mean speed as in performance or as in data transfer?

          • http://www.clockbog.com/ denzino

            so get some sense and click pause at the last second you lazy little girls. bam, no ads.

  • Matt


  • Cartman


  • bob

    joe is a cocksucker

  • Thorongil

    Is it just me or are the Americans always cumming when they see/make an explosion?

    • whickity whack

      It's just you. Just having to ask is explanation enough that you're a liberal pansy with no appreciation for the firepower it takes to fight the crazy-asses in the Middle East. Your strategy would probably include a circle-jerk and a therapy session.

      • Thorongil

        I am from Croatia, Europe, and I am conservative, thanks for asking. My political commitment doesn't have anything to do with this matter, I just note, probably for the 50th time that many US soldiers act with strange astonishment every time they fire a shot or blow up something, unlike Croatian soldiers 20 years ago when they fought Yugoslavian National Army. If they had destroyed a tank, they were happy if they survived.

        However, every question contains half of the answer, so I'll just assume that most of those soldiers in Middle East are like children who have far too many toys as opposed to the "crazy-assed" civilians and crazy-assed (without quotation marks) extremists which have sticks and stones compared to your army. Sadly, you haven't won any war since WWII and, as it seems to be, these wars won't be exception and, also, you are very near to bankrupt. I hope this will end American wars of conquest, ravaging and killing of numerous civilians, coincidentally and purposely, for fun.

        • Thorongil

          And I have to correct myself, you won the Gulf war.

    • Blue

      I love these aritcles. How many words can a wordsmith smith?

  • Caca

    I am not a part of any type of military group nor am I a war junkie of any sort, but I have to admit…. To see and hear that bomb as it zoomed towards the ground and made impact was truly amazing. he sheer power is just mind blowing.

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