Friday Funnies. (30 photos)

I'm hungover and could not think of a better title -deal with it, or get off my front porch, kid.

  • phideauxe

    Yeah – you owe us some nip for making us see that dong………….

  • chubby

    I find #27 quite disturbing. It's really NOT funny.

  • Smitty

    Michael Fox still has a bright future, but with Parkinson's, it's getting more and more shaky.

  • Chien dans l’espace « La dump @ Kefosch

    […] (Source : theCHIVE) […]

  • chikmagnut

    hahahahhahahahahahaha soooo funny about how people get so pissed off over seeing #11 roflmfao x a million oh my god oh my god why would chive ever do that oh my god the world is going to die now like wow i seriously cannot belive i just seen that my life is ruined! OVER! DONESKIS! OH MY GOD! NOW IM DEAD so chive better post ten thousand strippers because ive never seen a real pair of lady things before oh my god like JFC WTF right now!!!!!

  • J_Pooh

    #10 makes my toes hurt from looking at it

  • GOD

    #3 is effen priceless

  • Anonymous

    #16 is spectacular

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