Daily Afternoon Randomness (41 Photos)

  • GFHunter

    #37 Don't lie. She hasn't eaten in weeks.

    • northerner

      Yeah, that girl is ALMOST not quite there. That is TOO skinny.

  • DanbyRaider

    El número tres. Las manos hacia abajo.

  • zym

    So, we agree every costumed girl here is better than the contest, right?

  • Dave


  • mcctan24

    3,4,1,2,5,6…..And the chick in #4 for dessert

  • Cigar Guy

    4 over and over and over again

  • Lokobo

    #25- You heard me, baybeh……

  • slushpuppy69

    Thanks for playing. We are all winners in this game.

  • Rick

    #4 Defies the laws of reason

  • Rick

    Sweet Jesus Chive #11 for the love of god more!!!

    • its_forge

      She's like absofuckinglutely everywhere on the web. Her and her giant ugly plastic boobs.

  • Joe

    I think most of the girls in this should win the sexy contest especially #4

    • ROK

      i don't think its fair for our fellow chivers because hef provided her costume (halloween at the playboy mansion)

  • Rick

    #31 is soo shopped love it tho

  • randomhero1218

    #4 Jessica Rabbit is Sara Underwood. I'm pretty certain she had her own post on the Chive before

  • ROK

    37 is a dude you dummies.

    • its_forge

      Hmm, somebody slept through freshman anatomy & physiology

  • rawnoyz

    i choose girl #3.. coz she has a pretty mouth..

  • I3artendress

    Where the hell was the chick in #4 for the Chivette Costume Contest??!! She would have been my pick!

  • gbody

    No. 41, no thanks, I'm not in the mood for herpes this afternoon.

    • Htownpunk

      Dude, what do you mean? Those girls are so hot……in 1988.


    31, 31, 31, MORE PLEASE!!!!!

  • augustus

    number ten is fake and gay look at the tree beside it lol


    man, after a disappointing sexy chivette costume thread, today's D.A.R. does not disappoint. sexy nurse angela was reeeedonkulous. paraguay soccer chick? yes please.

    also, FWIW, @ the chick who said chive only posts boobs, etc: no way. there's always threads with awesome landscape shots, funny gifs, and much much more! at our friendly neighborhood chive.


    i'm sorry but i have to comment twice on one thread. (i know: how embarassing!) but #11 might be the MOST faptastic pic the chive has ever had. anyone want to challenge that?

  • jroy

    Pretty sure 1 from #41 is a dude with implants

  • Ben


  • victorious

    im in love with 25

  • James

    1, isn't her name Jennifer Schwalbach?

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