1938 looked like an interesting time to be a “lady” (13 Photos)

These funny photos and more at sadanduseless.

  • Jess

    I agree that we all need some respect for others AND ourself, but you know how I see some guys acting..well if you're a jerk you'll date a 'jerkette'
    loll anybody understood my thoughts ?

  • http://www.tumblr.com/tumblelog/boredbeforebreakfast My_Rushmore

    This is how I live every day.

  • http://yourmomma.com Mook

    The desperate men out there have ruined if for us all? Gotta find a hole, gotta find a hole, gotta find a…

  • BloodScrubber

    This would make a great Chivette posting. Have Chivettes recreate a yesteryear look. Black and White photos only. Suddenly I'm picturing a WWII B-29 bomber with TheChive as nose art….Hmmmmm.

  • Coldzilla

    #3 appears to be texting – a woman ahead of her time perhaps?


  • Watcher

    I like the Shemp Stance of the waiter in 12

  • Anthony Trolliver

    Another terrible article.

  • Lisa_Martin

    #1 truth. Don't kiss & tell.
    #2 truth. I don't want him to keep me waiting. I extend the same courtesy.
    #3 truth. Make up when done properly, looks good and doesn't need touched up very often. Maybe lip gloss. 😉
    #4 false. Talking while dancing is allowed. So's laughing and smiling. Just don't screw up the steps.
    #5 truth. If you need a bra, for Gods sake, WEAR one.
    #6 Irrelevant. The woman should be driving…and see #3.
    #7 False within reason. Deep throating in public…sorta crosses a line.
    #8 TRUTH.
    #9 Truth. Talking about clothes, lame for the most part.
    #10 Truth…damn it.
    #11 Truth. Flirting with another guy, in front of your guy=not a good chick trick.
    #12 I want what she's drinkin'.
    #13 Truth, if you're bored, GTFO. 😉

  • cpt

    1938? it needs to be updated, same idea just lose the tacky black and white pictures, these tips still wring true today

  • Indignated


  • Catence

    Thank goodness for this post, otherwise I would have totally gotten changed in front of my date, talked dirty on the dance floor, and gotten "familiar" with my date under the table. Now I know better.

  • V4Vendetta14

    #12, This is how a lady winds up with a shitty mouth and bloody asshole;)

  • jan

    oh please!!
    The only people that think that way now are the conservative republicans! ha!

  • http://www.zwodnik.pl programy

    black & white world ❤

  • hMMMM

    Still doesn't involve talking.

  • jake

    Her mom likez it when I make it rain.

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