Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (29 Photos)

  • tommo

    top post

  • Dalakman

    That's one upvote for the Chive reddit thieves.

  • Beat

    17 makes me really happy, then depressed when I look back around me :/

  • Yeah

    It's as if the Chive doesn't even care that they steal almost all their pictures from reddit. You would make ebaumsworld so proud!

  • J.T.

    Holy shit the rescue rangers

  • NoWay Jose

    #13 looks like a dragons head emerging from the cloud.

  • Specimen-X

    # 27 is just all kinds of awsome 😀

  • Joel

    dammit. no one's mentioned who #25 is yet. I was hoping someone knew.

  • Catence

    maybe they don't make them here because all the guys here are so horny they would just try to fuck the costume and never get around to wearing it?

    • Dakota

      talk about being loose and desperate, holy shit. valid point, however.

      • Catence

        If you had met some of the guys I have, I think they may reach that level of desperation. haha

  • Nihilus_13

    19 – All the Firefly girls are hotties (although Kaylee was #1 for me). I miss that show. 😦 But looking forward to the pics tomorrow. 🙂

  • http://www.facebook.com/Jorgecm Jorge Cárdenas Maldonado

    More 24 and 25 Please!!!

  • fuzz

    your 3rd place suck'!!!!:x

  • me3

    13 I see a chihuahua taking a dump…no a unicorn and a bunny…
    nope, just a douche with a camera.

  • Yess

    ridiculous, Number one was by far the hottest from the halloween thing. Like by far.

  • old king clancy

    # 13 looks more like if a guy were laying down and had a hard on. I also kinda see the luck dragon

  • myranda

    #24 – YOKO!!!!! Omg I love her and that show! 😀

  • Matt S.

    #6: They do have this in America. Get a can of Monster; It's there.

  • buttnapkin

    Is #14 Leanne Dohrman? http://www.ladyleanne.com/
    I tried…..

  • Summer

    If you are looking for more pictures of #24…

    use google image search and type this in:

    Yoko Cosplay Minami Con 14

    im at work so i dont have full access to the websites, but someone should be able to find her

  • McBeastie

    300 references only strengthen the argument in favor or lame.

    • McBeastie


    • fasterthanu

      Thank you for your input, it meant so much to me.

  • Jerry Jermaine

    #1…Holy crap, .Kalf is that you???

  • Summer

    Actually there we go…

    #24, her name is Kelly Jean from Kent in the UK

  • kingblc

    worst costume contest ever.

  • Steve Perry

    #13 – If you look at it upside down it looks like the cloud is taking a shit.

  • Sly

    MOAR #24!

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