There’s douchebaggery and then there’s what’s happening in here (36 Photos)

  • diana318

    This makes me sad for humanity. And I really hope girl in #1the was not going for “realistic lookin.”Haha if she did her dr failed horribly.

  • Bob

    #26 steroids=G.I. Joe action figure sized peckers.

  • Gene

    #21, Equivalent to $2 US dollars………

  • Cassidy

    Why are they fingering each other in #20? In regards to #23, they can't help it, they're European and it was obviously taken in the 80's… #25 & #26 are obviously halloween costumes, I hope. #34 proves that Christians are douchebags too.

  • IronBound19

    Parents are away for the weekend, called a stripper.

  • Claire the Chivette

    Wow. All of these type of people went to my highschool.

  • gene

    #21 is equivalent to $2 US dollars-LOL!!!

    • Really?

      Wow, are you stupid. The Canadian dollar is currently valued at $.985 USD. It has reached and exceeded parity with the US dollar with regularity during the past year or so.

  • Not a Bagel

    #10 guy on the left looks like a camel

  • Not a Bagel

    #23 not sure…. if different people

  • Ben

    i had always hoped that these people didn't really exist.

  • Urewelcome

    Another way to title this post would be: When Parents Don't Spank. Or possibly: When People Don't Abbort. You Choose, We All Lose…

  • Doctor_What

    #9 & #26 are actually ~flaming~ douchebags.

    #23 I wasn't aware that Flock of Seagulls was touring again.

  • Lugh

    #14 is Kevin Youkilis, the first baseman for the Boston Red Sox.

    • Franklin1138

      Is that why he's included in this post? I wouldn't have known who he is if I hadn't seen your comment. I was gonna say, he seems like the least douchebaggy dude here…

  • Dylan Chen

    #17 #30
    I smell photo shop!

  • Boomdog02

    #3 has to be his sister…PLEASE!!!!!

  • DarkAsdestiny

    just why

  • DarkAsdestiny


  • Straight A's

    Seems like you know your shit when it comes to gay porn. Awkward

    *quickly turns and leaves*

  • Archangel76


  • mrkerrdontplay

    this entire gallery reeks of low self esteem and desire for attention. awful combination.

  • salem

    #36 omg duck face,, seriously now -.-

  • AWDsome

    Use of deadly force authorized.

  • The_Hellequin

    #23 – The mullet on the left could kick the rest of the guys' asses with his hair alone.

  • george13

    Sugar tits in #1 is from old The Real World

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