Daily Afternoon Randomness (39 Photos)

Stephanie’s first pictorial can be found right here.

  • poop

    35… try doing that in the mirror and see if one arm looks bigger than the other, whoever made that caption has literally never been to the gym in his life.

  • wow

    Stephanie must be a really pain in the ass in real life, judging by how much of an attention whore she's being.


    wtf do you mean "we decide" that goes without question…

  • Maynard B

    Thanks Caroline, those sure are nice. I think you need your own post. Hope the rest of your day went well.
    Stephanie, you'll always be welcome on this screen.

  • claro03

    nice pics,,this is realy coll , http://www.nuevayoresblogs.com

  • Maynard B

    Wait…how about Caroline and Stephanie together……I mean TOGETHER!!!

  • alex

    no more stephanie. relax

  • Spustatu

    I agree with giving Caroline her own post. Don't have a bad day Caroline. The Chivery loves you. Though, just sayin' here, not every guy out there cares only about boobs. Legs are pretty rad, too.

  • beardmanly

    Caroline. More of her. Now.

  • NoWay Jose

    More of #8 please.
    For the love of god more of #8.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000038642375 Robert Logan

    36- thanks very thoughtful of you =)

  • grassley

    i think 33 should get her own post!

  • 36 Rocks!

    Thanks 36. Moar pics pleeaasssseee!

  • GrossGreg

    Something is missing in #39. And that thing is pants.

  • IamWhoIam

    As any body with soul who has watched the Pokemon Movie nows that its impossible to not cry the first time you see that scene…after the third time you just feel the pit in your heart but no more crying

  • Chivesucks

    Dear chive,
    Do you think you can go one day without stealing stuff from reddit?

  • http://huynhphotos.tumblr.com/ t. huynh
  • joeyboyyoulikey

    Find 33!!!

  • grk71

    Are you crazy man give the girl another post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Black6dog

    PLEASE 36!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She totally deserves it!!! She was thinking of others when she posted!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Absolutely for Stephanie.

  • docsully

    @Caroline #36 Thanks that did cheer me up!

  • jumpinjackflash

    Hey, anybody get 11? Is the "Google" a noun for "the act of searching on google" or just the name of the site? oh, wait, who cares, that's why you get unlimited texts!

  • will

    Stephanie should be allowed to submit another gallery, but only with less clothes. HHHooootttttt!!!!!!!

  • will

    The unmasked Halloween Chivette should submit a gallery

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