Gifs are to me as flames are to a moth

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  • Bobba Fett

    And I see your shwartz is as big as mine!

    • Darth Stroyer

      Now lets see how you use it!

      • Lau

        I believe its stated, "Now lets see how you handle it"

  • Crystal

    9 – Everything that was wrong with the newer Star Wars episodes

    • its_forge

      Funny I woke up this morning thinking exactly that. Except for the 3-man fight with Darth Maul and that 2-ended thing, lightsaber battles have been nothing but swoosh swoosh swoosh twirl twirl twirl since Episode 1. Very, very boring. They needed to hire the guy that blocked the swordfight for Princess Bride!

    • @100window

      That is, in exactly the same words, what I thought when I saw that picture.

  • king

    #1 grenade

  • waryee

    Dear GIF crew of Chive, Thank you for continuing to end strong!!

  • Vihni

    Took me a while … it turns out #11 is a blonde.

  • BigDingo

    How long do I have to watch 11 before a nip slip happens?

    • stafferty

      Ten more minutes

  • fibonacci5150

    damn I liked every1 of those

  • Chingchongchina

    11…… at work…. musn't……… fapppppppp….. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggg

    • Its-a me, Mario

      In what universe is it cool to talk about how you fap at work? Or even want to?

      • SweetAwesomeness

        well maybe he works at a sperm bank!!!!

  • chubby

    #8 LMAO

  • japtrap

    #11 Is so nice, she look like a decent girl (that loves it up the pooper)

  • Gezza

    Listening to metal music and watching #9 is LOL!!!

  • T-boz

    I could watch #11 for days!

  • Where in the WORLD

    keep fighting the machine number 2. keep fighting

  • googboog

    #3 NEDM!!

  • chrisdg74

    2 – INCOMING!!
    7 – I see your Schwartz is as big as mine. Let's see how well you handle it.

  • chrisdg74

    Stared at 11 so long I was almost late for work.

  • its_forge

    #11 I swear I can hear those things going GA BLONGA BLONGA as she walks by…

  • Spliggs

    #4: good execution outdoes overpowering nerdiness.

  • craptastic

    #11: Shendelle Schokman

  • Bud Ugly

    2, 5, and 6 all put a smile on my face. Thanks, Chive.

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  • thetech2

    took me longer turns out 11 is a blonde with legs

  • stefanhartman

    #2 reminds me of my ex-girlfriend
    #11 shows me my future ex-girlfriend

  • equalizermax

    I lost 1hr of my life because of that last picture…

  • twilight

    11 has some nice jiggle.

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