If posts could talk this one would say, “Awesome” (30 Photos)

  • chubby

    I so hope # 2 and # 3 don't have something to do with each other!

    • credible hulk

      #2 #3

  • Dakota

    what a good way to start my day at 3am. lovin' the early morning posts, chive.

    • Altober

      me too, especially when i can't sleep

      • fibonacci5150

        yup, Paranormal 2, I scare ez. #21 is picture perfect in my head right now

        • fibonacci5150

          I want that paper

  • Vihni

    Wow wow wow!
    Now i hope #14 is for comical reasons, because if your saying that Liv Tyler looks like an Uruk Hai … we're gonna have to step outside.

  • Catence

    What to do when I can't sleep? Check out the awesome posts on the Chive.

    • BigDingo

      I'd just stare at my own chest if I was you

      • Catence

        Gets a little old after awhile. But still entertaining nonetheless. haha

        • Darksoul

          Gee, she got tired of the same thing being said about the avatar she deliberately made to get attention. Then have an avatar that shows how clever you are…oh wait there aren't any of those.

          • its_forge

            No dingus, she means staring at her own boobs gets a little old after a while. Try to keep up, you're failing Witty Repartee 101. Badly.

            • Darksoul

              Hmm, you have a good point there good sir; you win…this time

            • Semper

              Darksoul's point still stands though. Get a life Catence. PS I thought it was a picture of someone's knees sitting in a chair.

              • its_forge

                "Get a life" says the guy who *doesn't* have cute boobs to post pictures of on the internet. ::eyeroll::

              • Catence

                Well, I changed my picture because I thought, maybe you are right…but then I said 'fuck it' and changed it back. If you look back at the 'sexy chivers' post, you will see my pic made it. And what better avatar to have than the pic that actually made it onto the website I am commenting on? But thanks for your opinion.

  • MrMav

    OMG!! #29 is sooooooooo hot!!! Beautiful shapely ass!! More pics of this woman please Chive.

    • Tubesteak

      Agree. Close to perfection. We need naked pics and 360 degree view

      • youdummy

        dude, settle down and put that away

  • BigDingo

    15 is so damn win

  • pleaseffs

    Would HellHathNoFury please print #4 and stick it on her screen. Thank you.

    • stafferty

      I was thinking of using it as a second pic when John and Leo look for sexy chivers, more to emphasize a widely accepted truth

  • nooow

    #29. Yes.

  • T-boz

    Zombie Storm Trooper! Excellent!

    • Doug

      It kinda looks like the Storm Trooper that has just been through an epic battle and not a zombie.

      • Ken

        Look behind him and you will see all the other folks parading are zombies. It is a Zombie Parade and I'm bummed that I wasn't invited.

  • googboog

    OMG it's "Sand'ta Claus"

  • http://www.tumblr.com/tumblelog/boredbeforebreakfast My_Rushmore

    Can we send #27 back please? Maybe exchange it for some nice underwear?

  • shanna_SA

    # 30 …no ways I love the zombie walk….think this took place all over the world…even here in lameO South Africa we did it through Durban 🙂 was brilliant

    • danial russo

      that sucks you live there cause i live in san diego, CA

      • growwwwwwwwww

        hope you dont mind a bunch of illegal immigrants, probably why cali has the highest taxes in the united states. and the chargers suck.

  • jacob


  • http://www.facebook.com/Nels0nCosta Nelson Costa

    #17 – simply stunning! cant stop looking at her.
    #22 – that's the coolest pen drive i've ever seen. where can i buy one?

    • []v[]onkey

      22- I thought that was awesome too, but after thinking… it still may not fit in the slot even with the latch open because it's still in the way.

      • Beldar

        Unlock the lock, pull up on the lock, swivel out of the way. Remove drive. DUR!!

        • Ballzonya

          Umm..the lock IS the drive, you can't remove it.

  • chrisdg74

    4 – Thank you for this. There should be more PSAs for that kind of shit.

  • vince

    I'll take umbrage with #4, since no one else will. Duckface doesn't make you a whore, rather a sheep that follows dumb fads until they're waaaaaay past their prime. I like the message, but I'd kill the messenger anyway.

    • ron

      It makes you a DUMB ASS whore. Shut up.

  • ERN23

    I would hang # 23 in my house. It would go nicely in my living room!

    • CalculatedRisk

      I think #29 would go more nicely on my kitchen counter…

  • Henry Gibson

    It barely counts as a photo, but #21 may be getting my nomination for The Funniest Thing on the Planet Award 2010.

    And maybe 2011.

  • ladilla

    can someone explain to me #21 ? seriosly my english is not very good. or maybe im too stupid anyway i deman a explanation

    • Drizzt

      Your english is fine. You're just stupid.

    • Joeyk

      Kid was supposed to write a paper on apocolypse now but he rented in the army now with pauly shore because he's retarded..wakka wakka- hey look a zombie stormtrooper! Redeemed

    • Poot

      *seriously* *demand* , now your English is better.

  • ltw

    29 more must have more….

  • Anonymous

    Either I’m missing something, or 8 & 14 are two of the stupidest, UNFUNNY submissions to Chive. Ever.

    However, Chive could include #29 in every post the rest of the year. 🙂

  • equalizermax

    #18 – Cloak battery run out, ship engine not working, must take train…

  • john

    James Bond was in my basement this weekend, looking at my brother Bob's girlfriends boobs. Shes a really cool girl Bob, keep her away from Bond or you have no chance.

  • http://www.blogjump.net/twilight twilight

    29 has a nice caboose.. nice.

  • Dave

    #8…Not a True "Bomb". Obviously posed.

    • john

      Nope, like I said before this was on TV in my basement and my brother, chive editor Bob, just happened to have the camera out because it was holloween. Saw her leaning over and this happened. This was live TV he had no time to set it up.

    • Bob

      Actually not….because that was my GF. True story

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