People will hate me for posting this: Romantic proposal (9 Photos)

  • yeabigboi

    Holy eff, you know that guy got laid that night. Rico Suave over here

    • nepster

      It's true. "Just Engaged" sex is the most amazing sex you will ever get. It's better than "wedding night" sex. It's downhill from there. Unfortunately, I know from experience.

  • Cobretti

    What, did this doucher have a photographer follow them? I got engaged in Central Park and only two people witnessed it – myself and my wife. Only way to get engaged. Orange stuff in the background was the gates art project.

  • C-G

    I want to hate this but admit I can't… 😥

  • Kyle

    One awesomely happy moment together, followed by years of descent into irritation, boredom and hatred.

  • doublemeat

    Now you got me all emo now…

  • thetech2

    like we were like then he was like and then I was like and then we were all like and I didn't even notice that creepy guy taking like pictures of us and stuff now when the divorce rolls around they can look back and say wtf were we thinking

  • Grano De Oro

    photo shopped all the trash and homeless outof central park!

  • TheVillageIdiot

    You most fortunate Bastard!

  • Jason Leupold

    Romantic proposal? Check this:

  • taka

    What was that orange thing. Looks like a forest fire

  • youknowwho

    I bet he's thinking, "Fuck! My knee is so fucking wet now!"

  • ding

    the creepy part is that someone was watching them walk through the park.. probably a hit man

  • Yuzaki

    #9 is awesome

  • Fionn

    Will ye all grow up and fuck off and Leave Bob alone. Wish him well and let him be happy with his new missus. Adh Mhor to yourself Bob and what not…

  • F U Chiveassholes

    What is this, SheChive now?

  • BloodScrubber

    Classy WIN.
    Gotta love love.

  • LeastICouldDo

    I don't see the romantic part other then walking through a park… someone fill me in.

  • Splonchson

    Ok…..He stops to tue his shoe, she gets excited and hugs him….am I missing something.???
    Its because he did it in the rain isnt it…?!

    • Splonchson


  • C-man

    Bitches like proposals…

  • CDP_90069

    Screw the haters Bob, nice post.
    Although this is bordering on 'Berry' material…

  • Coldzilla

    OK lookin at a lot of the comments on this thread Im kinda thinking that a a fair number of Chivers dont get laid alot 😉

  • Why Not?

    thumbs up for finding 'the one' ————–>

  • sanji

    kinda cute, now people should learn from this post..haters gonna hate!

  • dude

    Now he's set the bar too high, he'll have to constantly outdo himself over and over again

  • Aaron

    Jungle fever.

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