Summer Glau is adorably sexy (30 HQ Photos)

  • mipo2010

    I wouldn't kick her out of bed…as long as she didn't mole me to death

    • isawoj

      Moley, moley, moley

    • Bob

      Hi, I'm Buck Malanoma, Moley Russell's wart.

      • TheMadHat

        Dammit, I'd never before noticed the mole… Can't unsee. But I certainly wouldn't complain about anything else. She needs to get that thing chopped.

        • Burt

          I watched Firefly, Serenity, etc….never noticed it before. CANNOT UNSEE MOLE.

  • joshdyk87

    She's cute…but is that a mole on her left eyebrow?

    • drbeene

      I'd be more worried about the cankles if I were you.

      • sfo

        yes!! i saw that. nasty feet and cankles. Truth be told…..

        • its_forge

          Ballet. Does horrible things to your feet. Not much she can do about it now, but still, legs hips and butt you could crack walnuts on? I'll take that.

  • mattythegooch

    URINATE!!!……….is what I would say to her, but if you had bigger tits……you'd be a TEN!!

    on the serious tip, she is pretty cute. Meh.

    • james hinton

      are you fuckin retarded?

      • mattythegooch

        Nope, just have higher standards than you.

        • its_forge

          LOL higher standards saying one of the most attractive women on modern television needs bigger tits. That's not higher standards, that's being a fucking idiot.

        • HellHath NoLife

          maybe you're just an ugly fat faggot

          • mattythegooch

            Ahhhh touche' if that were true…… of myself have actually been posted on here in the past!!

            • Joel

              Yeah, I'm with you. She's cute, but nothing too special. "Adorably sexy" is more just adorable.

  • meh

    she'll suffice

  • BigDingo

    I thank god this is HD…

    She could terminate me anyday

  • Anonymous

    Re: #9… those could all be penises.

    • joshdyk87


  • ssss9999

    She is adorable. Nice smile and nice eyes. Maybe she will be my bestie.

  • Skedaddle

    She'd be my perfect SBWB (Stepford bodyguard with benefits).

  • Paula

    i wanna kiss her


  • My_Rushmore

    Oh Summer, I would very much like to have some sweet lady love with you. She's in my list of 5 women I completely, totally and unquestioningly would.

  • Yourfreakindaddy

    Get that growth removed!

  • Hwrd_Strns_Pns

    I would let her MOLEst me

    • Its-a me, Mario


  • Oscar


  • hossmank

    No wonder the fanboys go crazy over her. Beautiful! Thanks for the HD.

  • maynard

    she is amazingly (wait for it)

    • Chrispeena

      I AGREE

  • top dog

    She ooze sexiness without even trying.

  • Emek

    She looks benign, bout' benign and a half.

  • Keppppp

    I think she might have kankles! But she is still f'n hot!

  • stafferty

    *Cartoon wolf style howl

  • lasertits

    hot..where's she from?

  • BGkid

    Holy MOLEly she is hot with her bangs down.

    #9 I totally thought that was a wall of "richards"

  • CalculatedRisk

    If I were to pick the proportions for my ultimate woman to have, these would be them. Absolutely, 100%, dead on the mark.

  • RGH

    Thank you Chive!

  • Manddy Smith

    I think she looks really sweet
    #18 and# 19 are my faves ❤

    • Joey

      How you doin?

  • mememe


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