The wall of bananas sends a rotten message (8 photos)

The wall of bananas was the brainchild of artist Stefan Sagmeister in his installation titled, Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far. The message in the bananas reads, Self-confidence Produces Fine Results...until the bananas rot and the inspirational message disappears.
Well, I just gave up hope.

  • benneh

    Can't belive some farmer 3000 miles away picked those for 2 cents an hour so they could rot on a wall.

  • trollin'

    that was just plain stupid……….

  • Westy

    Holy banana bread time

  • Lisa_Martin

    Initial thought…oh man. Fruit flies. Yuck.

    Artists are gonna art though. :-/

  • hockey dude 11

    "Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far". How about, "I'm so arrogant that my artwork is more important than feeding starving people all over the world".
    Really? You have a lot to learn.

    • Ams

      I am sure that if he had not used those bananas they would have been sent instantly to every hungry child and the world would once again be safe.

      • Rob

        Bet there was a food bank or shelter in that town that could have used them.

  • Brandon

    How is this art? Reminded me of the color blind tests…..

  • JiggQuoi?

    How is this art? It is stupid and it isn't particularly moving, unless you are a monkey.

  • ale

    banasplits anyone??

  • equalizermax

    What a waste of food, they should have given those bananas to those hungry people in Africa and the peels to the comedians…

  • fasterthanu

    Would have made more sense if it spelled out 'Fuck The Hungry'.

    • blah

      Well met good sir well met.

      You win comment of the day.

  • anon

    Get over feeding africa
    this is a pretty good art piece, if you want to help the hungry get off your ass and stop bitching at others who aren't helping when you yourselves aren't

    • fasterthanu

      Can tell you're the sort of person who would call a shit smeared canvass 'art'.

  • Phondo

    Obviously, the transcendent yet transient visual message conveyed through the musa acuminata (bananas, bananes, bananen, 你有什么香蕉, and so on), is almost as essential to the concept as the play on meanings: the banana is the artist's muse… his very musa acuminata.

  • BigDingo

    what a rotten idea

    • blah

      That too was pretty good however, a better message fuck the hungry won comment of the day! good try though

  • anon

    Awesome, I love Sagmeisters work, thanks chive!

  • Aimee


  • edocol

    if that's art so is the coiler I unleashed yesterday

  • iknowartme

    We know they throw away lots due to the blemishes.
    However these were the few without blemishes that didnt get thrown away but wasted on this piece of shit thats supposed to be art.

  • a BiPolar guy

    it's not an either or choice. we can have the art and feed the world too. But….Have you all given everything you can afford to world hunger relief? Do you reduce wasteful consumption in every area so as not to use more than your share of earth's resources? Do you volunteer at your local food bank? Unless you do far more than most people you really have no right to criticize here.

  • hMMMM

    I just thumbed you down b/c you look gay as shit

  • guest

    Having worked at a supermarket I can assure everyone that most food wastage is caused either by customers who reject the produce due to blemishes or and I quote, 'Look a bit funny' or those who pick up chilled items and dump them else where in the store rendering them spoiled and unsuitable for sale. Sagmeister's work is very interesting especially if you see the whole collection together- also I've no doubt all the bananas involved were purchased he can do what he sees fit with his property. For example how many people own surplus over-engineered gadgetry which could easily translate into donations for the needy?

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