A few of our Chivers said there’s ‘not enough tush’. Here’s our response… (21 HQ Photos)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1494785484 Joe Kroger

    I love you, Chive.

  • Miguel

    Awesome. Lucky 13 has a pimple on her ass. I'm still OK with it. We need MORE!!

  • Philo

    WOW…..just WOW

  • Steve

    Yes Yes YES!!! We need more of these kind of posts! What about a sexy Chivette tush contest? Yes this pleases me greatly. By the way, my first post, had to give my comments for the asstastic asses. Love the site, oh and Celebuzz has given me a trojan virus twice.

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    Best post ever, Chive. You win.

  • SMK

    BEST Post yet. CHIVE.. Good STUFF! keep em coming

  • bathoris

    gotta love high-res!

  • tanobx

    Ass…..and ye shall receive!

    The Rev

  • Bob

    #10 Oh My God wow, I love a girl in tiny shorts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • phate408

    Excellent work Chive. I myself am a fan of #19.


    Best ever – Thanks!

  • tag

    The photos are so big, its hard to focus!

  • Anonymous


  • Chrispeena

    #14= ultimate fantasy. What a babe.

  • fckngruven

    Chive you should now add these to your weekly posts…..this post is the greatest MOAR MOAR MOAR please

  • nouu

    best post ever on the chive.

  • Scott

    By FAR the best album you guys have ever had on her!!!!!!! Love it!! Keep them coming!!!!

  • BloodScrubber

    Its a Tush-tastic kind of day!

  • Jarvis

    god bless tushes

  • Ryan

    ass men UNITE! demand more ass galleries. Excuse me um,mr. chive, I would like to cordially demand more ass galleries. Please.

    BTW Evangeline NOM NOM NOM i could get LOST in it

  • Bazinga

    I would use these as a pillow.

  • SweetJesus

    #7. That is all.

  • anon

    I'll never look at my nintendo is the same way again!

  • dave

    Its not showing…all it shows is the title

  • claro03
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