A few of our Chivers said there’s ‘not enough tush’. Here’s our response… (21 HQ Photos)

  • meeeeeeeee

    19 defo !!!!

  • Harley

    I am an Ass man all the way…….There is nothing better than a nice tight Ass to slap and to bury your face in…….Thanks Chive, keep'm coming.

  • http://sexyevangeline.blogspot.com Evangeline

    sexy selection

  • http://www.facebook.com/SirryMongorians Alec Gifford

    this gallery should be named " nuff said "

  • Bobby Falcon

    I'll give those bitches tush

    Bitches love tush

  • Semper_I

    14 crosses the line from just a regular sexy photo to art and amazing art at that

  • john

    ass fail. Where is the booty? Clearly, you are a boob guy. You forgot to include any junk for me. You can keep all these,

  • MichaelGS

    This post made my day. I promise to name my first born after you in gratitude John

  • AsLckyGrl

    14, 14 and 14. 8D that outfit should show off every girl's tush.

  • fckngruven

    Im all for it…

  • Malachi Constant

    Stacy K #19- Is her ass really that nice or is it just airbrushed…either way GOD DAMN WHITE GIRL

  • mart1

    14. proper, but naughty. love it.

  • ryan

    how about like future girls with lower back which is every week this tush gets a weekly post also

  • Stupendous


  • fyngyrz

    3, 14, 15 — nice to see some femininity. Kudos, chive.

  • Buddy Guy

    There would be a HUGE mess with #7… Shaaawing!

  • JimBo

    Well it's official,,,, I'm a crack addict.
    For the last 4 days I have left this post active on my desktop and keep staring at #14.
    MOAR,,,, OM NOM NOM NOM NOM!!!!!!

  • http://DirtyFootHunters.com DirtyFootHunters.com

    Not that I'm complaining but what is up with #8. She's got two pairs of underwear on and the tag is right in your face.

  • scotty

    mmmm! gotta love nice tush, cheers u made my day.

  • Jay G.

    Wow…I'm really impressed. I haven't been on to check this out in a while. I'm sorry, Chive. You keep posting shit like this and I'll never leave you alone again!!! Oh yeah, 13 got a phat ass!! Hot damn…

  • http://aleksanderb.blox.pl/ Aleksanderb

    Not bad 🙂

  • joahim

    i pomyślec ze te piękne pupcie służą do srania

  • powerman9600

    good job boyzzzz!!!! i have to say im very impressed………………fine………fine…………..fine group of ass…………vicious arnt i, when i think of a womans ass, something comes over me!!!! asstastic!

  • Bean Splice

    Guys, I haven't enjoyed a thread like this in weeks.

  • Bean Splice

    OMG #8 is so luscious. I want to dive my face in there. I could almost sniff the ass from my screen.

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