Daily Afternoon Randomness (46 Photos)

  • thomas

    43 is miranda kerry but if you blur your eye a bit it looks dead-on sarah hyland

    • bigcw

      She doesn't even come close to Miranda Kerr.

    • joe

      girl from modern family is 20 years old

      • its_forge

        Miranda's only 27.

  • uberbrie

    #1 kills me

    • uberbrie

      Oh and I pick Girl #2 sorry I guess that was unclear

  • martin l.

    2 then 3 then put 1 in a dumpster

    • uberbrie

      There is a who series of these somewhere called "running"? PS 3 looks like she could crush boards by flexing her neck…eww

    • Lau

      I'm going to break #2

      • Matt

        i dont think I could any of them. 3 is the only one that doesn't have something rediculous going on with her, shes just big.

    • sSnowblind

      2 is pretty cute. 3 is so flat and bulky that she looks like a man.

    • ExitOnly

      did you mean put it in one's dumpster?

  • pacid

    one of the best lead photos i've seen on 'randomness' in a while

  • jason

    oh hai!

    there's a bull horn up your butt

    • loverboy

      guess you could say he's got a "horn in one!!!"

  • Anthony Trolliver

    wow more shitty work from the Chive

    • haaaaaaaaa

      thats a great name

    • pauley

      yeah i like that other (insert other photo site that post 14 galleries/day that doesn't exist). It's much better

      • not sure

        It's called izismile.com and they post the same pics hours before the Chive.

        • LT B

          Sweet! That is good to know so I can check out the sexy Chivettes a couple hours earlier.

        • RAIn

          izismile.com is nice…. even if the pics are similar, the format is dull, and the people who comment are dumb….

          • McBeastie

            So….the format thing is really the main difference.

    • damon

      then get the fuck out of here. seriously

      • Its-a me, Mario


        • NO.


          • Jordan

            super srs

    • Lisa_Martin

      This ain't your porch Anthony. Feel free to GTFO if you're really that cranky. Might I suggest a Midol though? 😉

      • McBeastie

        He got 99 thumbs down, and apparently…a bitch is one.

        • Lisa_Martin

          Thanks there McBe…bitch=Beautiful Individual That Creates Hard ons. 🙂 Or that's what I'm going to choose to believe. 🙂

    • SKAtomic

      What have you done of worth today…oh right…nothing but troll the Chive and complain. Keep up the goof work

  • SpRoUsA

    #46 – 2 & 3

  • thatwasntthequestion

    2, 1, 3

  • king

    #39 she gonna do it
    # 46 yes and number 2

  • mipo2010

    WTF 46, didnt we do that picture already???

    • Anthony Trolliver

      Stop crying about it.

      • mipo2010

        coming from the guy whos comment above was "wow more shitty work from the Chive" Hmm, who's crying

    • derrrr


    • Lisa_Martin

      I haven't seen it…and my vote is 2, 1, 3. If my door swung that way…;)

    • Its-a me, Mario

      Isnt that the joy? Repetition? I mean, seriously. Its a good pic, and a good question. russian crackwhore 1 gives us something to bitch about, and russian crackwhore 3 makes us wonder just where the heck they are walking, cause thats not how they run around in 'Merica. And finally we think about doing nasty things to the only crackwhore that looks clean enough in that picture.

  • Slappy McGee

    2, 1, 3

  • Trainguy

    2, then 3, then 2 again.

    And a lol at pic 8.

  • Anonymous

    38 is equally wrong AND hilarious, on so many levels.

    • Anthony Trolliver


      • haaaaa

        no i love it

    • Anonymous

      Well, it was 38, now it's 37.

  • Bill

    More of number 18, OMG!

    • Eric

      I second that. MOAR please!

  • Mike

    #43 yes! i thought it was her! and probably is… the things i'd do to her!

    #46, 2 then 3, and 1 only if i were drunk

    • Yeah Right

      #46 only if they were dunk.

  • Mike

    #14 – funnies thing i've ever seen in a text… love him to be my dad! haha

    • Its-a me, Mario

      dads dont reply like that. Its a nice touch, but not a real dad. Why would your dad start a text with Son? this isnt TV, and he knows who he is texting, thats only done to make it look right for the viewer.

      • McBeastie

        Mario could tell from the pixels…

      • its_forge

        My dad calls me Son sometimes.

  • Bill

    Oh yeah and 2, 1, 3 on the last one

  • BloodScrubber

    It's odd that pic No1 is a failure to launch whilst pic No2 is a success. I reckon she ain't no space cadet?

  • dt546

    girl in 18 first, then 2, then both of them together

  • SweetAwesomeness

    really….thats the new logo?!? i see no difference….

    • Its-a me, Mario

      There's a thing in the ring. its photoshop advanced. whole different kinda awesome. I think its better.

    • wadafakutakinbout

      yeah… and that is exactly why you are not a graphic designer.

      • Its-a me, Mario


      • graph

        Considering how all your work would be to make things that the general public find appealing.
        If the majority of the public dont see any difference in your work, it means you fail at your job

  • mipo2010

    If you're with a woman and you're watching her press her tits up against the wall…you're doing it wrong

    • Lisa_Martin

      I'd be curious to see if a guy could pass this…except if his belly touches before his pecker does, it'd be a no go. Hmmmmmmmm. We may have a new yardstick by which to measure men…errrrr….um…figuratively speaking…of course. 😀

      • mipo2010

        hmm…what if mens underwear were sized the same way as women's bras!?!?!

        • Spencer Thomson


        • My_Rushmore

          A store in the UK has started doing padded underpants for men, it's probably only a matter of time before you all have to start getting a "cup" size to!

          • Its-a me, Mario

            dont act like you hate it.

  • Speedy

    #46 – #2

    and i LOL'D at #25 for like 20 mins…..

  • CaptainInsano

    #17 and #29 made my day hahahaha gay bacon was so funny, I'm pretty immature, yes

    Best Randomness in a while I reckon! Well done fellers

  • mipo2010

    46 and 2…Not because I think the 2nd chic in 46 is hot because the song 46 and 2 is awesome

  • yeabigboi

    Gay Bacon = lol'd x 10

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