Everybody got your outrage cocked and loaded? (34 Photos)

The duckface strikes again…

  • matt

    The next thing we need to scorn is that dumbass hand gesture with two spread fingers held sideways. It's the international symbols for "I'm a douchebag."

  • Pinguii

    hhmmm duck face and orange skin…. SO NOT attractive!!!!

  • Adrian

    wtf is number 5?!?!?!

  • Why Not?

    33 epic fails. except donald duck, he's badass.

  • http://www.transamsports.com trans am

    #28 is pale.. she needs to tan more.. more orange. what is with that stupid lip look. come on!

  • Al Bondigas

    This frightening side-effect occurs when aliens extract the intelligence from a human.

    • Al Bondigas

      Anal extraction?

  • MrCjv

    #16….Don't ya love his plucked and drawn eyebrows? punch in the face bub.

  • lewoo3

    omg #28 — really?? seriously????

  • Millan

    #28 it the ugliest thing i have ever seen , a real umpa lumpa

  • andrea

    5 is really scary in her own way

  • Robinis

    this is the new DERP definition.

  • steve

    what the fuck is number 6 doing???? seems like the wrong time and place to make a duck face.

  • Breion

    wow no. 33 did wonderful job on the photoshop of her skin, except for her brow, if ur gunna photoshop ur skin at least do it properly.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500938468 Jeff Sayatovic


  • Gonz

    its a love hate relationship, I absolutely hate it pisses me off, but I love that I just wanna punch square in the face! Just, " BOOM! HEADSHOT!!!!!!!

  • Monkey

    #28 will give me nightmares

  • asdas

    I especially enjoyed the hipster duckfaces.

  • roggi wilkov

    90 percent oh them would be still ugly without doing that duckface anyway

  • whut

    There something really weird about both of the faces in 26…

  • Alex

    If you see a chick making the duck face, it means she's either: a) Retarded, b) Has small lips/is a bad kisser or c) Has some kind of mouth disorder.

  • Mac

    Is 28 for real?? She looks like a pumpkin! Not cool.

    • Mac

      Wait, I take it back, not so much a pumpkin as a radioactive blistered hot chili pepper

  • Brad

    #5 — Neanderthals live among us!

  • Daniel

    Are they doing this intentionally?

  • Optimist

    #1 looks potentially hott

  • Ned

    I like the fat, ugly ones

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