Everybody got your outrage cocked and loaded? (34 Photos)

The duckface strikes again…

  • Sam

    did anyone else cry?

  • D; D;

    Those are genuinely disturbing

  • pewpew

    #34 actually doesn't look that bad

  • asdf

    what the heck is #5???

  • Grace

    People who do that suck dicks for dimes.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Chive…
    I would like to date the Duckface cover girl…
    Hook it up…

  • melzzz

    god does anyone realize how stupid they look? and fat chicks are the worst of them all, except maybe the crazy tan jersey shore skanks

  • steve

    The douchebag in 16 needs to be pummeled about the face and neck

  • http://DirtyFootHunters.com DirtyFootHunters.com

    #29 would be over the top even if she was not waring her duck face.

  • Duck Tracy

    It's Halloween all year long!
    When did this start? Someone must go back in time and kill the person who started this.

  • freedylou

    Is 28 a real person? Ahhhh!

  • Sidescrub

    28 and 29 have got to be the worst. Either way id still 12 gauge all of their hands off so they couldnt operate a camera anymore.

  • Doni


  • http://www.facebook.com/Gothikwolf Dane Wolfgang

    teacher always said funny faces would stick lol

  • J rev

    #28 looks like she’s been exposed to radioactive material

  • bagofchicken

    i'll bet 33 and 31 would be cute if you slapped the duck off them.

  • Shinrahunter

    Give the do…….oh wait, she's already got one.

  • Uri Nalstain

    #17…ITS BOBBUM MAN!!!

  • Uri Nalstain

    Crap, wrong pic

  • Always Last


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