If you could be one movie character, who would it be? (100 Photos. SESSION CLOSED!)

Ok Chivers, you're bored at work so let's have some fun here. We all have our favorite movie characters. If you could be one awesome film character, who would it be? Just send in the photos using our handy-dandy upload page or thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com. Feel free to include captions but please add them to the photos yourself. Bob and I are standing by and will post your photos as soon as they come in. Get moving, Chivers! Do it for your county!

Chive On,

John n' Bob

UPDATE: SESSION CLOSED! Thanks to everybody who submitted photos for our little science experiment this week. Check out theCHIVE next Thursday for more, same bat time, same bat channel.

  • Dormin

    ANGEL!!!! BADASSS!!!

  • Giorgos

    she d like to be mila jovovic, i d like to be in mila jovovich

  • john

    The dude abides.

  • john

    Bob I said I wasn't sure in the text but the picture reminded me, I'd still be Skywalker. He started out winey and rediculous, but finished as a bad ass and I want a Green Lightsabre.

  • Chester

    Les Grossman!

  • MrCjv

    Tons of pics covering like 30 plus years of a pluthera of the coolest movies on earth and i can only choose 1 guy to be….DAMMIT!! ( Willy Wonka isn't up there ), Dirty Dozen,……I'd be Harrison Ford as Indy. Nuff said.

  • jan

    No wonder you have boobs everywhere, Most of your viewers are guys!

    • a BiPolar guy

      well I assume you girls each only have two. I don't recommend fewer than that. But seriously – go check out theberry, sister site to the chive. It's more woman friendly replacing pics of chicks with pics of pecs go enjoy the hot guys and tolerate our boob obsessed nature here.

  • Gonz

    8 yr olds dude

  • Gonz

    dude: hey I know that guy, he's a nihilist!
    maude: you can imagine what happens next
    dude: he fixes the cable

  • mineallmine

    Cool, but we all know what happens to Boba Fett

  • LitaMalibu

    Ok… Awesome! #46 Wild Thing! #61 Benny "the Jet" Rodriguez! #79 CLASSIC – Inigo Montoya! #82 is the best…. Rumsfeld from the Burbs!

  • loverboy

    hive,I would love to BE IN…17,54,& 73>>not be them!!!
    As for 67 would I ever love to dance with her …in bed,or all over the house!!!!Yeahhhhhh baby….

  • nosam

    No Batman?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! WTF

  • http://www.cheatcodes-central.com/ Drazen

    Where is the Harry Potter ?

  • Glen

    wheres ferris buehler?

  • whitey11177

    Why is Superman number 37? He's f#@king SUPERMAN! He should be number 1! He can see through womens' clothing! If he drops his sandwich, he can fly around the earth backwards until its back on the table!

  • t-rex

    #15, i it just me or do Drago's arms and hands look totally undersized for his body? like a tyranosaurus rex.

  • M-23

    Re photo #2: For the past ten years, I have worked for a large international conglomerate after being a teacher in the inner city, where I could pretty much do and wear what I wanted as long as I didn't smack the children. Since I started, I have flouted the company dress code, put posters of the Ramones and John Woo movies on my wall, and garnered a reputation for telling the truth and calling BS when I see it. I have ON PURPOSE patterned my work attitude after Peter Gibbons. Oh, yeah; I've also been promoted four times.

    "It's not that I'm lazy; it's that I just don't care."

  • adam


  • putzco

    #90, work, work, work, work, work, work….hello boys, I missed you!

  • Lyndon Morgan

    surprised Jason Bourne is not on the list

  • Conor

    Don't you ever tell me how to live my life again

  • wanker

    Memphis Raines, no doubt about it. He drives whatever car he wants, however he wants, not giving a single f*ck about police, and givin a proper f*ck to Angelina. And Vinnie Jones is a friend of his, for f*ck's sake!!! What beats that?

  • Fred Jones

    no Jason Bourne?

  • chena

    …didn't see 'Snake Pliskin' or 'Dirk Diggler'…..

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