Living in manic stereo (14 gifs)

Please be patient while this very heavy gallery loads -thanks!

More of these awesome gifs can be found at in a gallery titled, “The Bar Mitzvah and Other Tales of Living in Stereo”.
Make sure you check out their book “Who We Were – A Snapshot History of America” written by Michael Williams, Richard Cahan, Nicholas Osborn. I just ordered a copy for my parents for Christmas. Boom. Done.

  • UrbanOasis

    Hey Chive. How about this same affect applied only to jiggling titties?

  • frypod

    12 is terrifying

  • HoJoon Choi

    this is just annoying.

  • Kyle Retrato


  • equalizermax

    This is what I see when I'm drunk, thanks for the headache chive…

  • Unwavering

    I'll never eat turkey again

  • Dundurrr

    These are supposed to be stereoscopic images. They're supposed to be side by side so we can cross our eyes to see the 3d effect.

    Why the hell have the images been put together in a gif? Now I can't see the 3d effect itself.

  • Da Sandman

    is it just me, or are the latest gif pages really really really lame….?


    […] Living in manic stereo (14 gifs) […]

  • orgasmmonkey

    gits or TTFO! I mean, tits or GTFO, I cant even type now, too dizzy…

  • Roberto Barreiro


  • Frankie

    Go Fuck Yourself Leo I Wanted Real GIFS!!!

  • Ken

    Looks like the Zapruder film. I think I see Badgeman on the grassy knoll.

  • TheFunnyGuy

    gah, almost puked all over my laptop, but cool "almost" 3D effect …..

  • Brendan

    I don't get it?

  • wally

    Eyes . . . hurt . . . must look . . . away

  • Bwaxxlo

    I'm high atm. This is the best thing the Chive has ever done!

  • Al Bondigas

    #9 is halloween scary
    gd good

  • chris

    I had to leave the page at around 6… I almost puked and now i have a headache… damn you chive!

  • NoPartyFollower

    How long do you have to watch one of these before becoming legally insane? I will let you know in a bit!

  • seriously

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I effing loved this. Probably my new favorite kind of gifs.

  • Bib BoBo

    #2 is getting 2 dildos in his ear

  • Chris

    1 word. Dextromethorphan…

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