More beauty than I deserve (26 Photos)

Credits: Zsolt Zsigmond, Sandra Kreuzinger, Edgar Moskopp.

More photos from

  • HEH

    #2 looks like Fruity Pebbles. Nature looks yummy sometimes.

    • Jason

      Exactly the first thing that popped in my head!

    • Franchise

      Haha I thought the same.

    • tempest

      I thought it looked like a spider that crawled up my leg when I was a kid. Or the shag carpeting in my parent's old yellow van from about the same period, but fruity pebbles if you like… I'll stick with fruit loops though if that's alright with you.

    • Kjell King

      Nature does look yummy sometimes. Especially when it's bacon.

  • ian

    i rather see newer lower back patients

  • Kristof_

    Thanks Chive for taking me away for a few minutes 😀

  • jonathan

    17 looks like steamboat springs.

  • tdotbronco

    does anyone know where #7 is?

    • Ben

      Santorini, Greece. My favorite place in the world

  • Zhong Wu

    Where can I find these pics as wallpapers? There's no link to the original pics.

  • Zhong Wu

    #7 is in greece. Santorini

    Can anyone tell me where I can find a high res version of #1

  • javier

    #8 looks spectacular but i really don´t know where it is someone help plz

  • Beecher

    great pictures, HD please. Id like HD for my wallpaper

  • Fuk Yoo

    Fuck you, nature.

  • SpRoUsA

    Need #1 full size so I can make it my wallpaper.

  • Why

    how come there is never any credit given to the photographers?

    • pyattn

      You mean like at the very end of the post where it says:
      "Credits: Zsolt Zsigmond, Sandra Kreuzinger, Edgar Moskopp.

      More photos from"

      Yeah, IDK either.

  • equalizermax

    This post should be in HQ..

  • Kriz

    Where is #11?

    • P-90

      Above between 10 and 12…….oh wait.

    • Speedy

      looks like yosemite valley.

  • Ataim

    Most are nice, but IMHO some HDR and colors are over done.

  • N8 rawr

    you idiots. here's the link for wallpapers. theres more than whats on this page.

    thank some person a little bit ago for posting the link. damn people need to read before they ask.

    • Chill

      Why you gotta be such an ass munch?

  • HoJoon Choi

    let's drill for oil there.

  • jlj

    Did Bob Ross paint these?

  • KNR


  • Oti Na Ne

    #7 is Greece , definetely on an island of cyclades.

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