This puppy, this is the puppy (18 Photos)


  • js91

    so what kinda dog is this?…must have…it almost looks like a toy in some photos.

  • Tino1369

    Just remember not to feed it after midnight and never get it wet.

  • kitkat49601

    I'd want one, but I already have 2 weiner dogs and 3 cats in here!! But it's so…awwwwwwwwwww!!

  • BlueZoo

    please tell me what kinda breed is that?!?!im going crazy..please tell me the name of the breed,i dont mind paying 5k for this dog.

  • Maddog

    Congrats! You bred an edible cotton ball victim. There is no way that thing survives if humans don't exist. Way to stick it to mother nature!

  • Toots McGee

    This looks like the outcome of Chewbecca fucking an Ewok…..

  • Lia

    Oh goodness! That *is* cute! Honestly, in most of the pics it looks like one of those really expensive stuffed animals….

  • notsoposi

    Elderly for sure. It's nose is all grey! and, it's teeth are rotten. ewww.

  • Mildred Blanchard

    why must u do dis to mehh?!?!? dere are ppl in the world like myself dat enjoy the cutenezzz y must u put in fornt of myh face sooo much?? i wanna die for five minutes due to the cuteness overload!

  • hMMMM

    It's a Shiba Inu, and these dogs can get big.

  •ătângă/100000242477872 Stefan Zătângă

    what breed is it?
    awesome lil fluffy bastard

  • Mook

    I could feed this shit fluff to my 3 month old lab for a snack.

  • Anonymous

    Whoever owns this dog, fk you, and fk the steelers….you’re bitch ass doesn’t deserve a dog. Steeler fans should only be allowed to own steeler fans, dogs are a different level. Get a cat or maybe hines ward….fk the steelers,,,,,,

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